Edinburgh Fringe 2013 comedy highlights and recommendations

Our top comedy picks from this year's Edinburgh festival



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Whether you're an Edinburgh regular or a festival virgin, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme is always overwhelmingly huge. In 2013, there are close to 1000 comedy shows alone at the Fringe, so it would take you nearly a month and a half to see every single show, and that's not allowing for sleep (or time to acquire various bank loans).

We've rummaged through the comedy section of the Edinburgh fest brochure and made these handy top ten lists to help you pick what to see. Click the pictures below to see each list and get booking.

The top ten newcomers

Our pick of the best debut comedy shows at the world’s biggest arts festival

The top ten international visitors

Our pick of the best visiting comics from America, Australia and more

The top ten big names and festival favourites

Our pick of the TV regulars and reliable Fringe favourites 

The top ten free shows

Our pick of the best comedy shows that'll cost you nothing (or next to nothing)

The top ten late shows and odd nights out

Late night and weirdo comedy shows, from live wrestling to jazz in a cow

The overall top ten comedy shows

Simply the ten comedy shows we're most excited about at this year's festival

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