Lloyd Langford's top ten stand-up comedians

The Welsh curmudgeon reveals his favourite comics – with videos



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Next to pick his favourite fellow comedians is superbly grumpy Welsh stand-up and ‘Ask Rhod Gilbert’ star Lloyd Langford. Here are his ten picks, in no particular order.

What do you think of Lloyd’s choices? Tell us in the comments box below.

Noel James

‘Often unpredictable and a wizard of wordplay. He’s a true eccentric and I find him very exciting to watch.’

Bobby Mair

‘He’s one of my new favourites. He offers a beguiling mix of dark material coupled with youthful vulnerability.’

Harry Hill

‘Harry Hill makes me smile just thinking about him. Completely inventive, playful, high-energy nonsense. I saw him do a warm-up for his “Sausage Time” tour in a small room last year and the whole audience was beaming.’

Liam Mullone

‘I started off gigging at around the same time as Liam. I was in awe of him then and I still am now. A lovable curmudgeon who eviscerates any target he sets his sights on.’

Roisin Conaty

‘Fucking funny. She makes me laugh like a drain. Except when she beats me at poker.’

Roger Monkhouse

‘A masterful, often provocative stand-up. A proper comedian’s comedian.’

Karl Spain

‘He’s just got funny bones. He’s possibly my favourite storyteller and injects a heady dose of mischief into any line-up he’s on.’

Paul Foot

‘Utterly unique. Completely surreal, but totally underpinned by his own faultless logic. Such a quick wit too, I’ve seen him destroy hecklers who’ve dared to interrupt him.’

Hannibal Buress

Hannibal Buress

‘No bells or whistles, just rock solid jokes. He’s got such a brilliant and laid-back style, but completely owns any stage he’s put on.’

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

‘Craig is such a class act. Great anecdotes, physicality and shorts. A triple threat!’

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