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The 100 best restaurants in London: Indian

Looking for the best Indian restaurants in London? Here you’ll find our favourite places serving excellent Indian cuisine

For feasting beyond your wildest dreams, always opt for a slap-up meal in London's best Indian restaurants. Below you'll find cute Indian cafés as well as Michelin star restaurants who cook more than just a vindaloo. They whip up flavour sensations from all across India.

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Much of the menu at this chic bar and grill is cooked on the tawa (a thick iron plate), sigri (coal grill) or in the more familiar tandoor (hot clay oven) right in front of diners, which adds a great sense of theatre to the sparkling surrounds. The biryanis are light and aromatic, and if you’ve ever wanted to try proper Awadhi dishes, which originated in Lucknow at the height of the Mughal Empire, this is the place to go.

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Chutney Mary

The Panjabi sisters who own this pioneering restaurant certainly have plenty of form for this kind of thing – they also run Veeraswamy, Amaya, the Masala Zone group and Masala Grill. But they made their name with Chutney Mary some 25 years ago, when they first put refined Indian dining firmly on the map. Mary recently moved to a plush set-up in St James’s, with the huge, lavishly decorated dining room proving a fancy foil for some seriously good regional Indian cooking. Sure, it’s expensive. But this is about as good as Indian food gets in the UK.

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St James'


The second of three branches (the first in Covent Garden, the third in King’s Cross), this Dishoom is one of the best places to eat in Shoreditch. The interior is modelled on the Iranian cafés of Bombay, with booths and mosaic floors creating intimate nooks with a charming makeshift feel – but also with a touch of cool. Dishes on the feisty modern Indian menu are vividly described and peppered with brilliant asides and interesting facts – whether referring to superior versions of chicken tikka and lamb biryani, or lesser-known classics such as a keema Frankie. Spicy breakfasts and brunches throw a cracking curveball, too.

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Gymkhana models its look on Indian Colonial clubs in the days of the Raj. But if the look and feel are retro, chef Karam Sethi’s cooking is anything but. Based on regional cuisines from across the subcontinent, the cooking is modern in approach, and the spice can be serious without overwhelming the layers of big and subtle flavours that bring this menu to life. There is even a nice touch of theatricality: Indian punches come in sealed medicine bottles, with an ice-filled silvery goblet on the side.

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Callum W
Callum W

I am surprised Spice Village is not in the list, I go there all the times and I can vouch for them. They have the best Indian food ever.