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The best farmers’ markets in London

Organic veggies from the allotment and fresh fish straight from the sea, these farmers’ markets have plenty to bring to the table

Give food miles the green finger by shopping for your Sunday lunch at one of London’s best farmers’ markets. They’re a foodie heaven of organic bakeries, local handmade jams and edible flowers, and there’s even freshly prepared grub for you to refuel along the way.

The best farmers’ markets in London

Alexandra Palace Farmers' Market

On a sunny day, there is no more enoyable market in London – be it fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, cheese, bread, juices or delicious, freshly prepared grub, Ally Pally has it all.

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Alexandra Palace Farmers' Market Until Sunday July 5 2020

Brixton Market

Brixton Market is a sensory fiesta. And for every hipster rammed into one of the (justifiably) rave reviewed eateries a stack of exotic produce teeters like a nutritious Jenga set.

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Brixton Market Until Thursday April 30 2020

Marylebone Farmers Market

Marylebone Farmers' Market is a relative newbie. Sunday morning sees Marylebone mums and Waitrose types getting their weekly shop done before a posh coffee and croissant.

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Marylebone Farmers' Market Until Sunday July 5 2020

Peckham Farmers Market

Peckham Farmers Market is a FARMA certified weekly affair. Run by the Urban Farmers Market and offering fresh, home grown produce all under a covered roof.

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Peckham High Street Until Sunday July 5 2020

Pimlico Road Farmers' Market

Set in the quaint Orange Square just off Pimlico Road, this London Farmers’ Markets operation caters for the chi-chi residents of Belgravia, Chelsea, Battersea and Pimlico.

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Pimlico Road Farmers' Market Until Sunday July 5 2020

South Kensington Farmers' Market

A small affair with an average of just 18 stalls, South Kensington Farmers' market is FARMA approved, meaning all the produce has been grown, raised or caught directly from the nursery, farm or fisherman.

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Bute Street Saturday April 25 2015 - Saturday November 25 2017

Tottenham Ploughman Mayfest

Supporting local artisanal producers, who produce but don’t sell their goods in the area, Tottenham Ploughmans Mayfest aims to showcase local talent.

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Markfield Park Seven Sisters tube

Walthamstow Farmers Market

FARMA certified, it’s easy to see why Walthamstow Farmers' market has acquired the nickname Awesomestow. 

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Walthamstow Market Until Sunday July 5 2020

Wimbledon Park Farmers' Market

Little more than a dozen stallholders regularly trade at this neighbourhood market, with an excellent rota of other producers who turn up sporadically. 

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Wimbledon Park Farmers' Market Until Saturday November 25 2017


Tomas H
Tomas H

I do love a good Farmers Market, shame my local one closed. I hear Marylebone maybe going too?

LondonFarmersMarkets C
LondonFarmersMarkets C

@Tomas H absolutely not, quash that rumour. Marylebone isn't going anywhere! Join the market email list if you want to be kept informed;