Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

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Hyde Park

Until Sun Jan 4 2015

  • Free
  • The ice rink and bandstand

    A truly festive setting within which to show off your spins and loops, or to video your friends falling over.

  • The Carousel Bar

    Winter Wonderland has many bars for you to explore, all with some sort of USP. The Carousel Bar, for instance, slowly rotates as you drink.

  • © Jim Marks

    Children's rides

    Traditional fairground rides will help to keep smiles on littler faces.

  • Arctic Circle

    The Magical Ice Kingdom is just one part of Winter Wonderland's Arctic Circle, which also features a Nordic Bar, Snow Jet ride and North Pole Funhouse.

  • © David Parry

  • The Magical Ice Kingdom

    Explore a world of frozen artworks, and fly down the castle's ice slide.

  • Rollercoasters

    The park's hosting three rollercoasters this year, so get your lungs prepped for screaming

  • Giant Observation Wheel

    A bird's eye view of London at Christmas; a trip on this wheel will take you 60m above the ground.

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    Hyde Park London
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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2014 - 2015

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I have been to Winter Wonderland for the past 4 years and overall it is getting bigger and better every year. Lots of rides for young and scary big ones for the brave. A great market with a variety stalls full of goodies and lots to look at as you walk around. Overall the atmosphere is brilliant, considering how many people there are we hardly noticed or heard any people moaning. My only, and biggest, complaint is the price. On average rides cost from £3 to £8 (you have to buy tokens £1 = 1 token), if you have a child an adult must go on the ride/fun house with them, so in reality this doubles the cost... there are also lots of carnival type games (you know the type, throw a ball into a ring and win a teddy...) which you pay for at around £3-5 per go so even if you have budgeted by buying a certain amount of tokens you get caught out with these random extra cash stalls! With my 5 year old we spent £50 today..Ek! Then is add salt to the wound the cost of the food is ridiculous. 1 portion of chips in one of the indoor food halls cost £3, I counted the chips – 20 tiny stumpy fries for 3 quid! I would strongly recommend to anyone – BRING A PACK LUNCH!! Though I would also recommend treating yourself to a mulled wine – yum. If you intend to go on the weekend I would strongly advise that you get there early; we arrived at 11am today (Sunday 7th Dec) and walked straight in. We noticed that by lunchtime there was a massive queue outside. Then when we left at around 5pm the queue was around the corner. I’d estimate a minimum of an hour wait if not 2! Crazy!! Also if you have youngsters and want to see Santa head there first, and get an adult to join the line! We went around 2pm and after 20 minutes reached the 2 hour notice board! Suffice to say we left the line at this point. We will be going again next year, with packed lunch, bag of marsh mellows and a strict budget. With a Christmas wish that the organisers have done something about the rip off prices.

1 of 1 found helpful

A lot of the reviews on here just seem to be promotional advertising. Anyway it's good fun if you are wealthy.


Pros: Went there last weekend, I have to say it's got better and bigger compared to previous years - more things to see, do, buy and eat.

Cons: Expect to pay a fiver at least for most things, i.e. a plain bratwurst hot dog or a packet of churros covered in cinnamon sugar (some are good like the churros, you just got to pick the right stalls). Weekends are definitely crowded. Game stalls are expensive - paid £5 at the basketball stalls for 6 shots, it's nearly a pound per shot! 

I would go again and be quite happy not to spend on anything, simply because it's a really nice place to warm up to the festive period with friends and family. 

Photo blog at - http://bit.ly/shelynww


what an absolute rip-off all the children's rides were. it's just a glorified market with lots of tacky stalls. £3 for one go on the helter skelter which last all of 10 seconds, or £9 for three people to go on a small children's ride. i certainly won't be going back.


Went this afternoon and it was wicked, recommend buying tickets to rides before hand as it saves so much time and hassle, the wheel was amazing with really good views of Hyde Park and London city. Good vibes all round!


Went this afternoon, it was wonderful. It was my first visit and I must say I've not seen such a good carnival in London before (usually these have been rip-offs). It had a German theme to it, rows upon rows of market stalls with lots of offers and quite a few pubs and bratwurst stalls as you'd expect. Several themed rides and fairground rides, and they looked quite good. Game stalls aplenty. All in all had a very good time. If any faults, I would say the Knightsbridge end exit needs more light.


Lots of things to see, lots of things to do, if you think that paying the price is worth it. Personally, big crowds give me a headache but definitely a good place for Christmas cheer.


Costly but nice...gives the kids an amazing day to remember... and yourself esp. If u have more thab 1 kids. I took 3 !!!! Nonetheless its was worth it...


What this guy said: "Dangerously overcrowded - more winter hell than wonderland...Appalling security and crowd control." Generally a pretty horrendous experience, we would have cut it short if it weren't for the fact we had booked to go to the circus (which incidentally was quite good once we had fought our way inside)

Paul Simmons

Busy, loud, full of people and annoying -- had a good time though. lots to do and the busy atmosphere soon dissipates.


Amazing!! Defiantly a must do over Christmas - Let your inner child have all the fun! Dont forget to Ice skate :)

S Hunter

Dangerously overcrowded - more winter hell than wonderland. I left,unable to spend ride tokens due to excessive crowds and queues. Appalling security and crowd control.

George A

Sums up christmas time really. Wonderful place, to take the family and have lots and lots of fun... Perfect for a fun day out!! Amazing

Anastazja Oppenheim

If your inner child is still alive and kicking, take it to Hyde Park this winter and it will find itself in paradise. Just make sure you carry some cash in your pocket – although entry is free, it would take superhuman strength to resist the sugar-coma-inducing festive food, the nostalgic Christmas market and, above all, the rides, which range from cute to terrifying. You can also skate at the UK’s biggest ice rink, marvel at the Magical Ice Kingdom or take a chance at winning a giant teddy bear at one of the game stalls. And once you start shivering, warm yourself up with some delicious mulled wine – the biggest perk of being (at least officially) an adult in December.

janet utt

Excellent, stayed over 5 hours on Sunday and can't wait to go back again The christmas spirit is all around the park


Sounds good and I would like to visit but it sounds "pricey" for many pockets

Sam T

Absolutely fantastic! Only in the UK can we pull off such a well organised, safe, family attraction! Felt like Christmas from the moment we walked in! The magic of Christmas was contagious, with everybody happy, smiling and singing along to the many live bands and DJs. If there's only one Xmas outing on your list this year-it has to be Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. Loved it!


There is plenty to see and do at this event without necessarily having to buy tickets for anything - so it doesn't have to be an expensive day out (just walking round this part of the park is wonderful with all the lights, etc, plus there is some yummy food and mulled wine available). Saying all that, the ice skating is really good fun, and there used to be fair rides with a fab big wheel (are the rides still there?) I'm planning to take my three-year-old for the first time this year and we'll just be going to soak up the magical atmosphere and see all the lights. The fact that it can be free if you want it to be is very helpful in the run-up to Christmas! Very worth going to.

Vikki Hughes

It's great for all ages! This will be our 3rd year of visiting Winter Wonderland for my husband and I...the 14th of December can't come quick enough...exciting! I love all the little stalls too and with all the twinkle lights everywhere it's very pretty and magical!! Can't wait!! :-)


Ohhhh I love coming here. It just brightens up your evening and leaves you with a guaranteed smile. Rely enjoyed it last year and look forward to coming back this year.


Winter wonderland was amazing. There were so many things to do that one day was not enough. The circus was soo entertaining, especially the motorbike cage act. Deffinetly recommend it!


My boyfriend surprised me with a weekend to London for my birthday on 14th December and I have been scouring the internet to find some fun and different things to do! This looks absolutely brilliant, I can't believe how much is on offer and I think when it is dark and all lit up it will look beautiful! Definitely a nice traditional winter wonderland, make you forget about all the bad in the world right now and just enjoy life! I can't wait :) x

Wout Eggink

Well, I think it is really awesome that there is an ice ring again this year! Prices are a little bit high but you can expect that with such an event in London. Cheers and enjoy the coming weeks!

Vic & family

This is worth a visit by anybody who can get into London, it's BIG, BRIGHT AND BRILLIANT especially on a cold frosty day, one not to be missed, we've been coming into London for this and the lights for years and it's bigger this year so it goes without saying it's got to be better!


Is a good guide, it would be perfect if it has bus number showing which bus goes there.

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