Outdoor art: Amazing public art and street art in New York

New York is packed with dazzling public art installations, street-art murals and witty graffiti. Use our guide to plan a day out to see NYC’s best outdoor art.



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Popeye Bowery Graffiti Wall mural by John "Crash" Matos

Popeye Bowery Graffiti Wall mural by John "Crash" Matos Photograph: Krista Schluetta

Outdoor art—both sanctioned and illicit—dots the streets of NYC. But it’s hard to fully appreciate it if you don’t know what you’re eyeing or where to look in the first place. Remedy that with our guide to these great New York attractions, from expansive graffiti murals and obscure 19th-century statues to iconic public artworks and secret New York treasures. Get outdoors and discover NYC’s stunning range of alfresco art.

Public art

New outdoor public art

Check out the best additions this spring and summer, including a cloudlike pavilion on Governors Island.

Iconic public art

From the Wall Street bull to the LOVE sculpture: Make sure you’ve seen every piece of public art on our bucket list of world-famous pieces.

Hidden public art

Did you know there’s a Keith Haring in a New York church? Make a point to seek out these ten stellar works.

New York statues

Who the hell are these people? Discover the controversies and artistic vandalism behind three figurative sculptures.

Public art tours

Discover some of NYC's best public art in places like the High Line and the subway.

Public art on the High Line

Here’s a photographic rundown of pieces both past and current.

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Street art

Top ten spots to see street art

From storied walls to exciting new spaces, here are ten free outdoor spots to see the city’s best street art and graffiti.

5 Pointz summer events

The Queens graffiti haven celebrates hip-hop’s 40th anniversary all season long.

Street artists paint a mural (video)

Watch a time-lapse video of Chris Stain and Billy Mode painting a mural at the Bushwick Collective.

Sheryo and the Yok paint a mural

Two street artists explain the process behind creating an expansive mural at the Bushwick Collective.

Street art galleries and alternative spaces

Lois Stavsky of blog Street Art NYC picks some of the best places to catch a show.

Graffiti styles

LES blog Bowery Boogie and @149St's Eric Felisbret explains common styles, and recommend artists to look for in NYC.

Street art tours

Join a tour guide to explore the best street art and graffiti in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and learn about the craft itself.

Graffiti art: A brief history

From the battlefields of World War II to the 21st-century 5 train, Time Out tracks the evolution of graffiti art.

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Laura B

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Amy Wilson

I love NYC Street Art! Check out this hilarious hip hop music video featuring NYC-based Street artists Blu Dog 10003 and City Kitty! http://youtu.be/viFDO9zGXeM so good.


Street art looks like sticking as our generation of our parents Pop art generation! I love Banksy, great Banksy exhibition on right now in London http://bit.ly/10Q50Wv, def worth checking out!