The new street-art class

These seven artists are doing their part to make NYC more beautiful.



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Dan Witz (
Who he is: Having worked on the street since 1978, Witz's style has evolved with police enforcement. "I used to paint tiny hummingbirds that took two hours to do, but the zero-tolerance graffiti policies of the '90s forced me to adapt," he says. "Now I paint them on plastic and install the pieces on-site in under 10 seconds. These new techniques have actually helped me do way more street art than if Giuliani had left well enough alone." Look behind grates on highway interchanges and buildings for Witz's creepy, trompe l'oeil "WTF" paintings, which resemble human parts lurking in the darkness. The artist always has a new project in the pipeline: "The Williamsburg and Bushwick area is like a giant self-replenishing collage," he says. "I can't resist."

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Where his work has been:
1. Suicide Girl: Find it at a secret location on the Van Wyck Expressway. Says Witz, "Keep an eye out for it on the way to JFK."
2. West Side Highway, NYC: It's located on the eponymous highway, but as for the exact location, Witz is mum—you'll have to hunt it down.

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hello, I am a French artist practicing lightpainting.J 'arrives this week in new york j'd wanted to know the good place, practicing demonstrations, good location that would be succeptible to interresser to expose, magic places of urban art, or good places to practice my art I vive à link for see my job Thinks so much , i Hope , i see you soon