The new street-art class

These seven artists are doing their part to make NYC more beautiful.



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Who he is: XAM is a whimsical mainstay in the street-art scene. Last year, he began building and painting small, hardwood birdhouses and attaching them to street signs. Since August, he's installed more than 25 in Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods ranging from Bushwick to the Upper East Side—including in front of the Guggenheim and MoMA—though they rarely stay up long. His newer birdhouses will have a barcode; when you scan it with a smartphone you can immediately download facts about the wrens, swallows or warblers that would use the houses. "I want people to question morality," XAM says. "Yes, my work is illegally placed in public, but should [poeple] take it down? It expands the audience of street art and brings birds back to the urban environment." He plans to drop 30 more birdhouses in a mystery areas this spring.

Where his work has been:
1. CSD Dwelling Unit 1.6: In front of the MoMA
2. CSD Dwelling Unit 1.6: In front the Whitney Museum of Art

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hello, I am a French artist practicing lightpainting.J 'arrives this week in new york j'd wanted to know the good place, practicing demonstrations, good location that would be succeptible to interresser to expose, magic places of urban art, or good places to practice my art I vive à link for see my job Thinks so much , i Hope , i see you soon