The new street-art class

These seven artists are doing their part to make NYC more beautiful.



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Peru Ana Ana Peru (
Eclectic and exuberant, Peru Ana Ana Peru's work is easy to identify: The duo's name always figures prominently in each piece, whether the letters are dripping over a painting or incorporated as a logo. "We have a thrift-store aesthetic that utilizes random objects [like picture frames] and pulls from a lot of different genres," they say. "There's a joy of life in our work, and a childlike sense of rambunctiousness," they explain. Peru Ana Ana Peru mostly work in lower Manhattan and north Brooklyn, but they also produce distinctive block-lettered logo stickers that can be found all over the city. The duo is currently planning a series of pieces that will pop up both here and in South America.

Where their work has been:
1. Untitled: Prince St between West Broadway and Wooster St
2. Untitled: Bowery at Ludlow St
3. Untitled: Bedford Ave at North 3rd St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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hello, I am a French artist practicing lightpainting.J 'arrives this week in new york j'd wanted to know the good place, practicing demonstrations, good location that would be succeptible to interresser to expose, magic places of urban art, or good places to practice my art I vive à link for see my job Thinks so much , i Hope , i see you soon