Jake Yuzna brings FUN to the Museum of Arts & Design

Jake Yuzna, the Museum of Arts & Design’s public programs manager, explores New York nightlife with a series of arty parties.



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  • Babycastles Summit


  • Incongruous: JF & Son


  • Ladyfag

Babycastles Summit

Babycastles Summit
The collective will construct an arcade of four playground-inspired video games. During the day, innovative designers will host workshops, capped by nightly parties with live music. “[Babycastles] is really looking at what an immersive, interactive environment is and how it shifts social interactions,” says Yuzna. Fri 24 6pm–1am; Sat 25 noon–1am; Sun 26 noon–10pm. $20–$35.

The party-hosting crew ditches the club entirely, outfitting a van with speakers and a foam machine to throw roving parties around the city. Follow the group on Twitter at
@CHERYLDANCE for the location. “CHERYL will be able to really take a new form,” says Yuzna. “Instead of hosting an evening people can go to, [they’re] having these flash parties,” Dates and times vary; free.

Incongruous: JF & Son
Working with companies in China and India, clothing boutique and brand JF & Son will create a collection that comments on how globalization affects fashion manufacturing. “They want to make the actual process of fabrication transparent, and are interested in creating a new aesthetic from the mistakes that happen from having offices overseas,” says Yuzna. Sept 8–February.

“FCKNLZ is trying to grapple with one of the trickiest things in NYC, which is this heritage of club kids,” says Yuzna. The art collective will examine the ’90s scene by re-creating the group’s legendary appearances on talk shows such as Donahue  and Geraldo. The adaptation will be part revivalist performance, part forward-facing analysis. Oct 20, 27, Nov 3, 10, 17 11am–6pm.

Learn strategies for hosting your own party from the queer nightlife staple, who will create “dayclubs” to share ideas on curating a bash. “Lady comes from a tradition that’s very apprentice-based, where practitioners who have paid their dues will find people who have talent, support them and bring them up through the ranks over time,” says Yuzna. Dates and times TBA.

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