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50 fictional restaurants and bars we wish were real

By Christina Izzo Time Out Staff

Christina is the Food & Drink editor at Time Out. She can out-eat and out-drink you. Seriously, don't even try her—you're gonna lose. Follow her on Twitter at @christinalizzo.

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Users say

Monis R
Monis R

These places do exist.  You can read the restaurant and bar reviews on them on the website called

Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster moderator

@christinalizzo excellent list - Cheers and Mos Eisley Cantina would top my list.


Fascinating article. My quibbles are the restaurant from Big Night should have been at the top of the list; the Copacabana is not fictional; and Sam's cafe from The Last Picture Show deserved to be included.

David O
David O

What, no Good Burger?

And you didn't mention that at night, the late great Bea Arthur tends bar at Mos Eisley Cantina.