Workout plan: A free outdoor routine to complete at a park

Take your fitness regime to the great outdoors (well, your local patch of grass) with this workout plan designed by an NYC Parks trainer.



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Power-band routine


Front and back raises

Fold the band and hold it taut above your head, so that your arms form a Y shape. Stretch your arms out to the side—but keep them straight!—bringing the band either in front of or behind your head until they’re horizontal, and then raise them again into the starting position. Do three to four sets of 10 to 15 reps.


Chest extension

Extend your arms straight ahead at shoulder height, then move your arms so that they’re straight out to the sides and the band is touching your chest. Return to the original position and perform three to four sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Shape Up NYC Fitness Trainer Ryan Treasure

Shoulder press

Stand on the band with your feet six inches apart. Hold the band ear-high, with your arms shaped like Ls, your palms facing out and the band coming up from behind your arms. Extend your arms up until they’re close to locked. Return to first position. Do three to four sets of 10 to 20 reps.



Adopt the same position as you did with the shoulder press—stand on the band with your feet six inches apart—but this time bend your knees until you’re in a crouched position, then go back up. Do three to four sets of 12 to 25 reps. “Go as low as you can, bring it up slow,” Treasure advises.



With your legs spread shoulder-width apart, step on the band’s folded end with your right foot. Grip the band with your right hand with your arm extended and palm out. Curl the handle up using your bicep and bring it back down to rest. Do three to four sets of 12 to 15 reps, then do the same again on the other side.


Lateral raises

Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, hold the ends of the band in each hand, letting the middle touch the ground. Step on the middle of the band with your right foot Raise your right arm up to the side, keeping it straight and your palm facing forward, to head level. Return to the starting position and complete 8 to 12 reps three to four times. Repeat with the left arm.

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