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"It's for your own good" isn't enough. Some of us lazy bums need a better reason to get in shape.

Punk Rope

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Because it fits both exercise and happy hour into your schedule

New York City Hash House Harriers In this day and age, mixing booze with any kind of athletic activity is generally frowned upon. Not by this group, though. Hashing takes elements of running, orienteering, rugby and Oktoberfest and brews them together into a mix of both muscle- and headaches. Various locations (212-427-4692, hashnyc.com)

Because you’re not going to take any shit from the terrorists

Warrior Fitness Boot Camp Between the push-ups, stair climbing and obstacle walls—with no breathers—the trainers will wipe the floor with you. But you’ll quickly bond with your classmates (assuming you don’t puke all over them). 29 W 35th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves, third floor (212-967-7977, warriorfitnessbootcamp.com)

Because it sounds like it involves drug use

Kranking It’s pretty much the same as Spinning, except here you spin with your arms. You sit on a bikelike stainless-steel contraption (the Krank Cycle) and pedal with your arms. The class lasts only for about a half hour, but if you’re doing it right, the Krankmaster will have you sweating. Reebok Sports Club, 160 Columbus Ave at 67th St (212-362-6800, thesportsclubla.com)

Because it sounds like it involves even more drug use than Kranking

Speedball Steve Feinberg’s high-intensity class is like 45 minutes to an hour of adrenaline-heavy tai chi cut with medicine balls. Various locations throughout city (speedballfitness.com)

Because it ain’t easy being a samurai

Forza Participants hold wooden Japanese swords as they slash, cut and generally butcher imaginary opponents (there is no contact) for a merciless hour. Oh, Forza is Italian for “strength.”
Reebok Sports Club, 160 Columbus Ave at 67th St (212-362-6800, thesportsclubla.com)

Because I want to look like Iggy Pop when I reach his age

Punk Rope Combine the old-school jumping sensibilities of Rocky with the aesthetics of Johnny Rotten and you have the idea. The program exchanges its studs and Mohawks for peg legs and eye patches during special pirate-themed classes Monday 15 at the 14th Street Y(344 E 14th St at First Ave) and Wednesday 17 at the Greenpoint YMCA(99 Meserole Ave at Manhattan Ave). For more information, go to punkrope.com.

Because in Hoosiers, Coach Norman Dale preached conditioning and fundamentals

Got Game? There’s more to b-ball than some fancy new Jordans. This hoops-inspired workout kicks it old skool, mixing medicine balls with jumps over yoga blocks and wind sprints.
New York Health & Racquet Club, 110 West 56th Street (212-593-1500, nyhrc.com)

Because we need to hold our own on the track in 2012

The Running Center As marathon season approaches, running guru Coach Mindy offers numerous clinics and training schedules for runners of all abilities. She teaches a class called “Runditioning: Secrets of Better Running Form and Injury Prevention” on Wednesday 17, and leads a 20-mile marathon-training run on September 20.
461 Central Park West at 106th St (212-362-3779, therunningcenter.com)

Because if I have to spend one more minute indoors and in this city, I’m going to scream

Outdoor Bound Rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking—who cares, so long as you get to breathe fresh air and feel a natural muscle ache that doesn’t come from a machine. Sunday 14 is the Mt. Defiance Hike, and the Fourteen Peaks Hike through the Hudson River Valley leaves September 20.
(212-579-4568, outdoorbound.com)


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