Witness the fitness (aka WTF at the WTC)



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Photo: Ryan Pfluger

The WTC transit hub—stacked with a glistening wall of escalators, three tiers of concrete stairs, burnished metal balustrades and wide-open platforms—is like a commuter’s version of a jungle gym. Nickelous Hector, master trainer at the Sports Club/LA (thesportsclubla.com), has created a workout to complete the daily grind.

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Quick warm-up

Calf raises: Stand with the balls of your feet on the edge of a stair. Hold on to the railing as you raise and lower your heels, holding the stretch for three seconds on the down motion. Do ten reps.

Handrail push-ups: Place both hands on a railing and try for ten standing push-ups.

Butt-kicks: With your hands on your hips, “run in place like a cheerleader for 30 seconds, kicking straight back without lifting your quads.”


Step jumps: Start at the bottom of a stationary staircase. Jump with both feet onto the first step, then jump back to starting position. Repeat ten times.

Leg switches:For 30 seconds, scissor your legs, “just like in step aerobics class,” Hector directs, alternating feet.Zig-zag jumps: Stand where four slabs of concrete meet on the floor: Keeping your feet together, hop from the upper left square to the lower right. Switch. Try ten.

Jumping jacks: Do them for 30 seconds.


Dodging and weaving: “The quick directional changes you make navigating between commuters improve agility.”

Escalator runs: Run up one of the down escalators three times.

Pillar weave:In front of the station entrance, jog from end to end, snaking in and out between the columns as you go, “working the inner and outer thighs.”


Jump the turnstile: “Hold on to the sides of the turnstile as you hoist your lower half over the barrier,” Hector directs. “The lifting movement works your lower abs.” Try 30 hoists. (But pay the fare only once.)

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