The ultimate guide to munchies and stoner snacks in NYC

Dazed, confused and facing a serious case of the munchies? We’re here to save 4/20 with a roundup of the most stoner-ific eats in New York.

Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz

Mexi-Max hot dog at Los Perros Locos

The mad dogs at this acid-washed Colombian street-food joint are a Deadhead’s hash-laced dream. In the neon, graffiti-tagged dive, this all-beef, Mexican-inspired frank comes piled high with sriracha pico de gallo, blazing salsa verde and salty crushed Fritos. It’s unabashedly sloppy and wickedly good —you don’t need to be ripped to enjoy it, but hell, it sure doesn’t hurt. 201 Allen St at Houston St (212-473-1200, $7.

Photograph: Sarah Mulligan

Raspberry-sriracha doughnut at Dough Loco

Don’t let its innocent, pink-frosted looks fool you—this gonzo doughnut more than lives up to the bakery’s name. Like a bong-fueled dorm experiment, the Crayola-bright, hexagonal treat jolts sugary berry glaze with a tongue-tingling hit of that Thai staple, sriracha. It deftly balances sweet and spice, and one bite will prove what your glassy-eyed roommate’s been saying all along—sriracha really does go with everything. 1261 Park Ave between 97th and 98th Sts (no phone, $3.

Photograph: Jay Muhlin

Sheemakers Bounty at Untamed Sandwiches

For this bizarro, balls-out sandwich, the midtown sub shop takes a page out of the Pineapple Express cookbook, studding a not-so-classic PB&J with some jolly green—broccoli, that is. Tucked inside a warm Grandaisy Bakery ciabatta roll, fried almond butter and sweet, house-made pickled raisin jelly tone down the bitter funk of charred broccoli and cress leaves, a combo that’s as weirdly winning as James Franco and Seth Rogen going at it on a motorcycle. 43 W 39th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves (646-669-9397, $9.

Photograph: Daniel Krieger

Italian cigars at Golden Cadillac Food & Drink

At this far-out East Village hang, Miguel Trinidad unleashes a Cheech-and-Chong-worthy upgrade on old-school mozzarella sticks. Instead of the customary breadcrumbed coating, the chef stuffs nutty Parmesan and gooey mozz inside thin wonton wrappers—rolling them with a finesse that would make Snoop Lion proud—and pairs the golden-fried sticks with a tangy tomato à la vodka sauce. 13 First Ave at 1st St (212-995-5151, $8.

Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz

Buffalo skate wings at Empire Diner

Amanda Freitag puts the “high” in high-brow with this slow-toke take on bar wings at her revamped Chelsea canteen. Tender skate fillets come doused in vinegary, butter-rich buffalo sauce, soothed with paper-thin celery and carrot ribbons, and cooling crème fraîche, a clever stand-in for blue cheese. 210 Tenth Ave between 22nd and 23rd Sts (212-596-7523, $11.

Photograph: Courtesy Lachlan

Fried spiced quail wontons at Lachlan

Quail is likely the last food you’d be craving after a kush session, but these fowl-filled wontons are here to change your mind. Chef Alexis Krisel folds gamey quail with cardamom-and-cumin-licked tomato sauce inside fried wonton skins. With a zip of paprika-spiced hot mustard to finish, it makes for one high-flying stoner snack. 312 Graham Ave between Ainslie and Devoe Sts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (347-889-7002, $6.

Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

Reuben croquettes at The Butterfly

Forget trying to figure out how they packed all the familiar flavors of a Reuben into a small, deep-fried sphere—just be glad they did. At this retro-fitted supper club, Michael White repackages the deli-case standard as five pop- em-in-your-mouth orbs, filled with salty, house-made corned beef, creamy béchamel, Swiss cheese and zippy kraut. The midpoint between crispy and creamy, the hybrid bites are served with a swatch of Thousand Island dressing. 225 West Broadway at White St (646-692-4943, $9.

Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

Philly cheesesteak egg rolls at Pork Slope

Greasy hoagies and Chinese takeout are classic magic-smoke munchies—this fun-loving Park Slope hang crams them both into one neat package. All of the cheese-steak basics are accounted for—frizzled beef, drippy cheese sauce, caramelized onions—but here, the sandwich’s bread is nixed in favor of a crisp, crackling egg-roll shell. 247 Fifth Ave between Carroll St and Garfield Pl, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-768-7675, $13.

You’re familiar with this brand of ganja-fueled hunger: Your taste buds are wide awake, your stomach is growling and a dollar slice just won’t do. We’ve got your munchies covered with everything from a sriracha-spiked doughnut, a maritime take on buffalo wings and an uberloaded Colombian hot dog.