Best indie shops: Williamsburg, Brooklyn



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Flores Antique Clothing
Every rack in this tiny vintage store is crammed with clothing, shoes, hats or purses; there's no organizing principle, so dive right in. The shop's biggest draw is its huge selection of dresses—from poofy, beaded and metallic frocks to crisp, simple sundresses—most of which come with a $30--$40 price tag; also find bargain heels, boots or clutches to match. 529 Grand St between Lorimer St and Union Ave (718-387-3369)

The Future Perfect
If your idea of decorating involves macram and lava lamps, head to this gallery-cum-home store for a lesson in smart home decor. David Alhadeff's stylish shop, which opened in 2003 and has since spawned several satellite stores and offshoots, features an array of designers like Seletti and Triboro Design, many of whom are local to New York City. The unifying theme here is playfulness, whether you're mulling a set of graffiti-emblazoned delft plates or a wall clock made of paper that just happens to be printed with the image of a grandfather clock. 115 North 6th St at Berry St (718-599-6278,

Williamsburg was shockingly devoid of classy sex shops before Honey opened in the summer of 2009; owner Cindy Yip helped her sister run the Vancouver-based store for nearly a decade before opening her own. "The concept is the same," she says. "[We offer] lingerie and toys in a safe environment; it's comfortable and fun." Peruse the wall of sex toys at the back of the store, which includes both inexpensive and luxury options (we're fond of Jimmyjane's sleek Little Chroma vibrator, $125); if that's too porno-crazy for your Puritan blood, you can stock up on love notes from the small selection of letterpress cards, like one that says "XXXOOO" by May Day Studio near the front of the shop. 110 North 6th St between Berry St and Wythe Ave (718-302-1760,

The Mishka brand, which has a flagship store located beneath the J train tracks, is best known for its graphic iconography and dope urban menswear: Veiny eyeballs and one-eyed skulls appear on hoodies ($70--$100), T-shirts ($30--$35), backpacks ($95--$150) and baseball caps ($30--$50). Alas, there's nothing here for the ladyfolk, so park your GF in front of the Street Fighter II arcade console while you shop. 350 Broadway between Keap and Rodney Sts (718-388-1725,

This boutique is a must-visit for affordable basics from brands like Free People, BB Dakota and Cheap Monday. After you've finished browsing the clothes—tees and tanks ($18--$30), shirts ($30--$80) and dresses ($38--$80)—check out the cubbies in back for bags by Manhattan Portage and Latico. 310 Grand St between Roebling and Havemeyer Sts (718-486-6001,

Shoe Market
Your poor, unstylish dogs will thank you for stopping by this shoe boutique, which opened in 2007 as an offshoot of Mini Mini Market in the Williamsburg MiniMall. Though the shop itself is small, you can ogle more than 50 footwear brands for dames and dudes, from the classic (Sperry, Camper) to the quirky (Irregular Choice, Jeffrey Campbell). Happy Socks, colorful Hue tights and Cheap Monday sunglasses are added bonuses. 160 North 6th St between Bedford Ave and Berry St (718-388-8495,

Spoonbill & Sugartown
This 11-year-old shop is Williamsburg's artsy alternative to big chain bookstores. Much of the stock is devoted to used and new tomes on art, architecture and design; the selection of coffee table books is especially impressive. A table near the Williamsburg MiniMall entrance boasts a variety of hipster-friendly authors (David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Lethem); the magazine racks, likewise, are loaded with cool indie titles (The Believer). You can also bring in books to sell back for cash or for trade; the store determines each item's resell value based on the title of the book and its condition. 218 Bedford Ave between North 4th and 5th Sts (718-387-7322,

10 Ft. Single By Stella Dallas and Stella Dallas Living
This sprawling vintage emporium shills just about anything you'd want in your closet: ultrasoft '80s logo tees, flannel shirts, Chucks in every color, deadstock denim, vests, ties and special-occasion dresses. Slip into the back room for rarer (and pricier) vintage, including va-va-voom lingerie, frilly 1940s--1960s prom dresses and handsome letterman jackets. Across the street, the recently opened Stella Dallas Living offers vintage fabrics and textiles, including curtains ($20--$100), blankets ($80--$300) and 1980s bedsheets adorned with Star Wars and Peanuts characters. 285 North 6th St between Havemeyer and Rodney Sts (718-486-9482)

Treehouse Brooklyn
Shopping at Siri Wilson's shop is sort of like rummaging through a very cool granny's attic: Antique scarves are piled in baskets, hand-stitched T-shirts sit on tables, craft supplies fill shelves and oodles of traffic-stopping baubles are clustered by the register. The shop showcases work by more than 60 designers, most of whom live and work in Brooklyn. Do-it-yourselfers also stop by to pick up hand-spun yarn and vintage craft kits; you can also browse the library of crafting books (sorry, no borrowing) and take a class in embroidery, crochet, jewelry making or decoupage. 430 Graham Ave between Frost and Withers Sts (718-482-8733,

If Julia Child were alive, we suspect she'd coo with pleasure over this brightly lit, well-stocked kitchen store (and not just because they sell aprons with her friendly visage screenprinted on them). Both cooking novices and seasoned chefs will find an abundance of supplies to keep a kitchen running smoothly, including essential pieces like quality pots by Le Creuset and Calphalon; knives by J.A. Zwilling Henckels; and quirky items you didn't even know you needed, like a salt shaker shaped like a dove. 231 Bedford Ave between North 3rd and 4th Sts (718-218-7230,

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