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Mollusk Surf Shop

Mollusk Surf Shop

1. New York Pipe Dreams
Having a hard time storing your surfboard in your studio apartment? Pick up a Mac Rack wooden wall mount ($45) and hang your board flat against the wall. Run by a bunch of laid-back surfers, New York Pipe Dreams caters to every aspect of the sport from boards and wet suits to storage. Beginners—and commuters—should pick up the ultralight 7S Superfish ($495--$550) board that’s easy to tuck under your arm and schlep on the subway. Speaking of easy: Instead of spending up to an hour removing the wax from your board, use the shop’s popular seller, Pickle Wax Remover ($12), and get the job done in only three minutes. 1623 York Ave between 85th and 86th Sts (212-535-7473,

2. Billabong Element
Make like a tourist and head to Times Square where, directly under MTV studios, you’ll find this large flagship store with clothing and accessories for the trendy surfer. Though the surfboards hanging from the ceiling are not for sale, there’s plenty of rad stuff to buy, including the new Vapor X boardshorts ($64.50), Revolution X 302 Steamer wet suits ($224) and eco-friendly products like organic cotton signature T-shirts ($24.50). 1515 Broadway between 44th and 45th Sts (212-840-0249,

3. Mollusk Surf Shop
In a former loading dock on a graffiti-covered corner of B-burg, this San Francisco import hopes to get Rockaway-bound wave riders stoked. Surf aficionados and pros alike can drool over the handmade boards ($600--$1,500), artist-designed tees ($24), custom wet suits (prices start at $400) and Danny Hess’s eco-friendly wood board ($1,400). Looking for a few pointers? Grab a copy of Thomas Campbell’s newest surf film, The Present ($35), before it sells out. 210 Kent Ave at Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-218-7456,

4. Rockaway Beach Surf Shop
Owner Tom Sena opened this tucked-away surf shop 37 years ago and was building boards well before that (since 1969). The family-run business stands as New York’s oldest surf shop and one of the oldest on the East Coast. Specializing in handmade surfboards (starting at $299), fiberglass skimboards ($39) and boogie boards (starting at $20), as well as accessories like surfboard leashes and wets uits, this gem is the reliable go-to spot for all your basic surfing needs. 177 Beach 116th St at Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway Park, Queens (718-474-9345)

5. FTW Surf Shop
Be prepared to socialize at this hangout hub, just a half block from Rockaway Beach it’s home to about 50 local surfers. Geared toward high-performance surfing, FTW, also known throughout the community as “For the Waves,” “Free the World,” “Fill the Water,” and other fun (and explicit) interpretations, sponsors kids in the neighborhood for various competitions. This luxury surf shop—owner Bobby Vaughn likens the goods he carries to car brands Ferrari and Maserati—promotes Jason Stevenson pro-model boards imported from Australia ($600) and Ruca boardshorts ($50). With a new bamboo tiki lounge opening soon behind the shop, this 15,000-square-foot site will undoubtedly attract even more regulars. 163 Beach 116th St, Far Rockaway, Queens (718-945-1380)

6. Breezy Point Surf Shop
Breezy Point’s small store is jam-packed with merchandise, so it may be a bit overwhelming, but it’s worth enduring for the shop’s giant selection of Reef and Rainbow flip-flops and sandals ($11 and up for adults). Also worth checking out: Their popular Locomotion boogie boards with fiberglass skin (starting at $40) and stellar graphics cut a stylish figure in the water. While you’re there, you may as well pick up a traditional shark-tooth necklace ($5) and protective Breezy Point Surf Shop UV shirt with SPF 50+ (from $27), recommended by the American Cancer Society. 61 Point Breeze Ave, Breezy Point, Queens (718-318-2381,

7. Boarders Surf Shop
Boarders accommodates surfers of all stripes: Novices should check out the surfboards and body boards available for rent ($25 for four hours, including wet suit), while the more advanced will surely drool over the selection of old-school Matador surfboards ($550--$900) and leashes (starting at $24). Stocked with carefully crafted hand-shaped boards, such as the high-performance red-and-black-checkered shortboard ($575) used for tackling those bigger waves, this cozy shop appreciates and values the quality of handmade products. 192 Beach 92nd St, Rockaway Beach, Queens (718-318-7997,—Anna Brand

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