Designer spotlight: Men's accessories

These self-taught, local talents will keep you looking dapper in their eye-catching neckwear.



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Photograph: Jessica Lin

Davidson tie, $61 (normally $72), at

Paul Hanan and Dave Roma of Graham Withers (

Who they are: Though they've never been roommates, Hanan and Roma—who met as teenagers through Long Island's skateboarding community—have both lived in a Williamsburg apartment that's been home to a revolving group of mutual friends. The name Graham Withers comes from the street intersections of that abode, where they got the idea to start a graphic T-shirt company in 2008. Although the pair stopped making tees a year later, they kept the moniker for the line of men's accessories they launched in spring 2010. "We were getting older and our style was changing, so we wanted to do something to reflect that," explains Roma. "We stay true to our style, which resonates with people." The primarily self-taught partners created their first prototype by taking apart old ties to use as patterns and have no formal background in design.

About the line: Hanan's family owns a whipped cream factory in Hicksville, Long Island, and his relatives gave Hanan and Roma a small workstation where they still create all of their patterns. Initially, the pair made every tie by hand—a tedious process that took three hours from start to finish. Soon they were selling ties faster than they could create them, so they approached a manufacturer in Chelsea, who now handles production. The line has since expanded from neckties ($72–$98) to include bow ties ($56–$64) and pocket squares ($26 each or three for $65). Fabrics are sourced from the country that specializes in them, such as wool from England and tartans from Scotland. "A lot comes from what we want to wear and which fabrics are exciting to us—it's not like we have some exotic inspiration," quips Hanan.

Where to buy: Ad Hoc (135 Wythe Ave between North 7th and 8th Sts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-302-2462), and Brooklyn Denim Co. (85 North 3rd St at Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-782-2600). Or use code "GWTONY" at for 15 percent off all purchases through March 31.

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