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These classes will whip your legs, arms, butt or abs into shape. By Elyssa Goodman



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  • Kangoo Hip-Hop Dance

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  • Boot Camp

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Kangoo Hip-Hop Dance


Jumping rope to pulsing, 137-beats-per-minute house music may sound repetitive, but the focused movements in Aerojump will tone your gams. In addition to sculpting your legs and upping your heart rate, maneuvers like crossover turns also work the core and upper and lower body over the course of 30 or 60 minutes. Mention TONY when signing up to receive $10 off your first class through Oct 15. Aerospace High Performance Center, 332 W 13th St at 4th St (212-929-1640, Mon 6:30--7pm, Fri 6--7pm; each class $40.

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Kangoo Hip-Hop Dance
It's easy to laugh at those crazy, Rollerblades-esque Kangoo Jumps—until you try maneuvering in the bouncing shoes yourself. The footgear requires some serious leg strength and endurance, but Kangoo guru Mario Godiva Green swears they'll give you an "exhilarating feeling." In this hip-hop class, Green will help you get your bearings in the boots, then take you through a warm-up and easy-to-learn choreography. In addition to decreasing impact on your joints, the four-pound kicks act like built-in weights, which hone your calves and thighs as you work through the dance steps. Mention TONY when signing up on Green's website and get $10 off your first class through Nov 15. Club H, 423 W 55th St between Ninth and Tenth Aves ( Tue 8:30pm; each class $20 (includes shoe rental).

Trampoline classes
With only four or five people in each hour-long free-form class, you'll spend ample time on Olympic-sized trampolines learning cool tricks like tucks and straddle jumps. At the end of the day, your legs—especially your hamstrings—will have improved, as will your overall coordination. According to instructor Sarah Callan, the trampoline also "helps with aerial awareness," encouraging you to think about how to move your body even in mundane situations. Trapeze School New York, 518 W 30th St between Tenth and Eleventh Aves (212-242-8769,, Daily, times vary; $35--$65.


Boot Camp
Instructor Eddie Lima uses his elite Special Forces training to get you fit during this four-week military-style program. The 22-year Army vet pushes participants to achieve their fitness goals through traditional boot-camp exercises, which range from arm-punishing push-ups and pull-ups to hand-to-hand combat. But Lima isn't your stereotypical drill sergeant: He makes sure all levels are challenged appropriately, and he fosters unity among class members. "You're gonna get pushed hard," he admits, "but I know what I'm doing." Mention TONY and Eddie Lima when you sign up to get one month of classes for $125 (regularly $200) through at least January 2012. Trinity Boxing Club NYC, 110 Greenwich St at Carlisle St (212-374-9393, Mon, Wed, Fri 6am, 7am; $30 per class, four weeks $250.

Climb and Spin
Don a pair of heels, swing your hips, and prepare to tone your guns at this ladies-only class. You'll begin with a warm-up series of stretches and push-ups before segueing into pole choreography. By bumping and grinding your way through a variety of climbs, spins and poses, you'll build your biceps, abs and back muscles. According to instructor Tracy Traskos, "The workout allows women to move in that cool, sexy [way]." New York Pole Dancing, 333 W 52nd St between Eighth and Ninth Aves (917-628-7449, Schedule varies; visit website for details. $40 per class.

A one-to-three-pound wooden Japanese sword (bokken) is your primary weapon during this hour-long upper-body session. Creator and instructor Ilaria Montagnani guides you and 40--50 other samurai wanna-bes through a series of choreographed cuts, strengthening biceps and triceps, among other muscles. Montagnani also incorporates lunges and squats to tone legs. Be ready to harness your mind, too: "When you have a sword in your hand," says Montagnani, "you can only think about your next move—nothing else." Equinox, location and schedule varies; visit website for details. Monthly membership $178.

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