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Nosferatu Photograph: Stefan Okolowicz

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Helen Shaw was too kind. Sorry, even the set design in full of pretense and the staging so...droll. Even when there are opportunities to push the limit, i.e. Lucy's sleeze crawl end to end table...the fall short. The lighting (from the windows) was so intense, that it obliterated the translation screen - from where we sat. But the good news is that we didn't sit there for the full length of this embarrassment. Shame on BAM for offering this to an unsuspected audience that "trusts" their programs. We will be a lot more cautious in the future.


I am Polish. I am very patriotic but this time I can not say anything good but describe the play as boring. I will not forget wave of audience bored with the play sitting next to me. In my opinion the subject was directed very traditional way and I am very surprised that BAM has invited this play to Next Wave Festival. There should be only new wave plays which brings new ways of interpretations and there is no place for old-fashioned way of thinking. The subject was not "broken" with unusual idea of vampires presentation. Mr. Jarzyna should look for new ideas since I have a feeling that he is stock. Anyway I wish Mr. Jarzyna and his team good luck and great inspirations since one bad play doesn't make director bad.

Deborah Pastor

Terrible- so terrible that I didn't even enjoy Zorn's score. The production owes a lot to Coppola's Dracula, and those were its good parts. I had hoped for a modern version of Dracula - with questions about the role of science vs faith, or appearances vs reality or something. Nothing doing. It wasn't even a good re-telling of the original. And why was so much made of Mina having a "man's brain in a woman's body"? That seemed to shock the characters more than the presence of a vampire in their midst. At first I thought this might lead to a feminist re-imagination of Dracula, but no such luck.


Nosferatu was legitimately one of the worst plays I have ever seen. "Inspired" by Dracula? More like if you haven't read the book, you won't know what's going on because it's so badly written. Confusing, fragmented, nonsensical, sexually disturbing in a rape-y kind of way, clunky dialogue, long awkward pauses, lack of translation for some of the dialogue... I could go on. By the time I got up to leave, 10 people in my section had already beat me to it.