National September 11 Memorial & Museum



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In the seven and a half years since the September 11 attacks, plans for a national memorial have been stalled, steamrollered and even aborted, thanks in great part to indignation over cost and petty bureaucratic infighting. Finally, some progress is being made (go mankind!): Twin Tower remnants that will serve as installations in the forthcoming museum have been moved to their permanent places. The “Survivor’s Stairway,” a crucial evacuation tool for some of the luckier parties, was also relocated near what will eventually be the museum entrance. “The stairs are so big that we wouldn’t have been able to move them into the building once construction is completed,” says Michelle Breslauer, senior manager of public affairs for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. “As you walk down into the museum, you’ll walk alongside [the stairs].” That progress gives us hope for the future of an institution that should’ve broken ground years ago; fortunately, Breslauer says portions of the 16-acre site will be open by 2011, in time for the tenth anniversary of the attacks.

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