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Street survey: What are you thankful for?

Street survey: What are you thankful for?

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Adrien, 27; economist; Frankfurt, Germany
"Bicycles. I love the freedom of movement. You decide where you go, and there are rarely delays or things to slow you down. You control the speed."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Albert, 28, marketing manager, Upper West Side
"J.D. Salinger, because I've been able to read Catcher in the Rye hundreds of times and enjoyed every last word." 

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Alex Heckaman, 26, jewelry designer and founder of New York Pretty, Lower East Side
"I'm thankful for the random nooks and crannies in New York. Except for glory holes in Chelsea---they make me feel awkward. I'm also not thankful for fraternity Wall Street douche bags."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Anna Kantha, 27, marketing analyst, East Village
"I just moved into a new apartment. It's an elevator building in the East Village---a rarity and a blessing."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Anthony De Leon, 28; PR intern; Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
"Planes---I love traveling. I've been to visit my family in Uruguay, [gone on] a road trip in the Balkans, and I'm doing my masters in Australia. And I love planes because they brought my platonic, nonsexual girlfriend to visit me from Vancouver, Canada."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Antonio, 27, student, Upper West Side
"The scholarships I got that allowed me to come here to study. Now I'm studying economics at Columbia."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Rosanne Aratoon, undisclosed age; psychic and animal communicator; Jamaica Hills, Queens
"I'm a volunteer for KittyKaretakers, so I'm thankful for people who adopt our cats. I love cats; they are very wise. Ninety percent of what I know about cats I've learned from cats. I'm an animal communicator and I've talked to animals since I was a child."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Bianca Jalba, 30; project coordinator; Long Island City, Queens
"I'm thankful for the architecture in Brooklyn. It's what makes me want to move here."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Mona Harris, 23; student; Bushwick, Brooklyn
"I'm thankful I'm about to be in a Japanese magazine; it's a street-fashion magazine called Soup. I got stopped on the street because of what I was wearing. They were like, 'We like your style. It's very Japanese street fashion,' and that made me happy because I've always wanted to be Japanese."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Sadaf Khan, 24; manager at beer distributor and assistant at Georgia Varidakis Jewelry; Elmhurst, Queens
"I have an amazing landlord. Being in New York when times are bad, it's amazing to have a landlord who is sympathetic on a personal level. I think that is rare."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Brinda Kantha, 37; physician; Martinville, NJ
"The bartender checking my ID. And microdermabrasion."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Casey Desantis, 30; events coordinator and musician; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
"Morrissey [from the Smiths]. He's one of my major influences. He's so bizarre and off the wall, one of the few remaining pure pop stars who actually earns his status as a pop star and isn't part of the whole Mickey Mouse Club machine. And I'm thankful for his pompadour."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Cassidy Lerman, undisclosed age; student; Park Slope, Brooklyn; and Salmak Khaledi, 28; magician; Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Lerman: "Music. To quote the Booka Shade album, "It's like the energy running through my veins."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Catherine Mercier, 33, journalist at the United Nations, Upper East Side
"I love languages. I'm thankful to work in the center of the world that is the United Nations, especially in New York, which is such a mosaic of cultures. I'm also thankful for riding a bike every day in New York. Riding down a bike path on Broadway---so cool."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Deirdre Maloney, 24; risk-management and property broker and musician; Boston, MA
"My car. It's reliable and I don't have to put any money into it. [It's done] 104,000 miles, although I did feel some leaping on the drive to Florida."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Gaudi Gomez, 25; independent health-insurance broker and writer; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
"I'm really thankful for what Williamsburg has become. You get a lot of quarrels about gentrification, but I like it. I was born and raised in Williamsburg and I'm the first generation in my family to go to college. When I came back from school, I liked that the area was more diverse. There are more art shops and galleries. I like how Williamsburg is evolving."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Elliott Carlson, 36; musician and bartender; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
"There's a Duane Reade on Bedford now. I don't get people who are like, 'fuck Duane Reade.' It's convenient and they have everything. I'm also thankful for good whiskey."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Hilary, 34; pilates teacher and purveyor of vintage clothing; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
"My fianc's smart mouth. I just got engaged last Friday, so I'm thankful for that right now. He's incredible and we're best friends. I wish my fianc was here because he would probably have something really funny to say."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Jia Jia, 28; art curator; Bushwick, Brooklyn
"The small world that New York is. Like two random people bumping into each other on the street who know someone in common. Or the fact that my Quebecois friend has a better Chinese accent than I do."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Joe Piff, 23; construction contractor; Philadelphia, PA
"Piffs and switch tres. It's a skateboarding move. It is my existence."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Josh Pomeranz, 28; attorney and salesperson for Devils May Care; Hoboken, NJ
"That I still have the ability to be inspired. I work for a labor union, so I get to be inspired by people fighting for their rights and the rights of their coworkers. I also help sell my girlfriend's artistic creations on the weekends, and her work inspires me as well."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Justin Rymer, 31; artist; Bushwick, Brooklyn
"I'm thankful that my mom's back isn't broken anymore. Now she teaches yoga in Norfolk, Virginia."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Kate Burch, 21; student; Bushwick, Brooklyn; and Billy Brewer, 21; student; Bushwick, Brooklyn
"Whiskey with hot apple cider. What reason do we need to give?"

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Kip Kirkendall, 54; teacher and designer for Strange Truth; Crown Heights, Brooklyn
[Inhales deeply] "I'm grateful for that---just the air we breathe. I'm thankful for consciousness, that we are aware of ourselves."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Lacey Fox, 27, manager at a children's facility, Upper West Side
"I'm thankful for the holiday season because I get to shop, spend money and not feel guilty about it."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Maggie Martin, 24, unemployed, Upper West Side
"Old people like Joan Rivers who still know how to make people laugh."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Matthew D'Abate, 33; bartender and writer; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
"I'm thankful for not being a bomb maker in Yemen. America is very pissed off with Yemen right now. I'm also very grateful for being able to eat sriracha."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Mindy Florestan, 31; salesperson for various designers; East Flatbush, Brooklyn
"In January, I was actually in Haiti when the earthquake hit. I'm thankful to be here to see a new year." 

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Monique Ford, 29; artist and art teacher; Williamsburg, Brooklyn
"I'm very thankful for my dog; I rescued her over the summer. I take her everywhere, even places she's not allowed. I'm also thankful for my painting studio---it's difficult to find a space to make art in this city."

Photograph: Marisa Mcgrody


Salmak Khaledi, 28; magician; Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
"Alcohol. It makes me be tranquil about things."

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I am grateful that the racists have not yet taken over the whole world. The traitors are everywhere but they are not who the bullies said they were. That ought to be a lesson to the machine.