The best of Brooklyn: Bloggers' favorite local spots

We asked a few of our favorite Brooklyn bloggers for their recommendations of the borough’s best restaurants, shops, parks and more.



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The Pencil Factory

The Pencil Factory Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nels

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Annaliese Griffin, senior editor of Brooklyn Based (

“It’s cash-only, has a terrible wine list and no bar snacks you want, but I love the Pencil Factory. My husband and I made out there on our first date. They serve 20-ounce bottles of Magners cider for $7. Sitting outside at the intersection of Franklin Street and Greenpoint Avenue is like taking the neighborhood’s pulse—everyone walks by with their baby or dog, or both. Men in Sunday-best suits carry flower girls in sparkly dresses home after a wedding at the catering hall up the street. Old drunks stop to bum cigarettes from the younger, better-off drunks sitting on the corner. I’ve been going there for years now, and the neighborhood has changed a lot, but I still love whiling away the afternoon watching Brooklyn go by.” The Pencil Factory, 142 Franklin St at Greenpoint Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (718-609-5858,

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I wonder if Robert knows that one of the proprietresses of Bamonte's is a member of our local Community Board? I do. I'm going to bring this to her attention. I'm certain his back-handed "suggestion" will be amusing to her. And I stand by my endorsement of their blueberry cream pie: it's wonderful.


Frost > Bamonte’s, all the way.


I gotta wonder if Robert has ever actually been to Bamonte's. The only soundtrack at Bamonte's is the sound of people dining, talking, and maybe a little baseball game sound from the TV at the bar. They don't play music, Sinatra or otherwise. Secondly the old timers will not tell you Sinatra ate there, because he did not. Mike the bartender used to work at Jilly's, and waited on Sinatra there.