What do your flowers mean?

So you got flowers—just what you wanted, right? Check your bouquet against these memorable blossoms to decode what your sweetie might be trying to tell you.



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Photograph: courtesy Shutterstock

Pink Carnations

Just before their infamous Post-it breakup, Sex and the City’s Berger buys Carrie a bouquet of the humble perennials (which she says are “making a comeback”) as a gesture that he wants to work things out.

What it means: Your on-and-off flame is making a half-assed attempt to keep you on the hook (for now).

Photograph: Murray Close

White Roses

Throughout the Hunger Games trilogy, President Snow never appears without one of the colorless blossoms on his lapel.

What it means: Your sugar daddy (or mama) is possibly a murderous despot.

Photograph: Laura Gallant

Multiple, delivered bouquets

Marie Antoinette reputedly loved flowers so much that she demanded her fresh-cut blooms be changed twice a day.

What it means: Your valentine wants to cater to a high-maintenance diva—so make sure to announce why the gifts aren’t good enough.

Photograph: Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy


In The Wizard of Oz, the sleep-inducing opioids are meant to waylay Dorothy & Co. en route to their emerald-hued destination.

What it means: Your commitment-phobic (and, coincidentally, drug-friendly) fling is trying to charm you into forgetting to have “the talk.”

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