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Buses to Atlantic City from NYC and other transport options

From affordable buses to Atlantic City to stretch limos, here are the best ways to get to the Jersey Shore destination.

Though the railway was key to the resort town’s early development, there is no longer a direct train connecting NYC to Atlantic City. Buses to Atlantic City are plentiful and the trip takes about two hours by road. Once in A.C., the Jitney ($2.25; is the best way to get around town.

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Academy Bus
Academy runs the most extensive service from NYC, operating multiple lines that depart from Port Authority and three additional locations. The coaches whisk you to almost every major casino in Atlantic City, and each one offers bonus packages to Academy customers, such as $25 in slot machine credits or food vouchers. 800-442-7272, See website for schedule, stops and destinations. Round trip $36.

Greyhound Lucky Streak
Greyhound provides service to eight A.C. casinos from Manhattan and Brooklyn, and offers bonus deals similar to those offered by Academy. 800-231-2222, Round trip $37–$40.

Hampton Luxury Liner
Hampton’s once-a-day bus originates in Long Island, makes a stop in Queens Village, and finally departs Manhattan from Broadway and 45th Street at 10:25am, bound for Resorts and Borgata. Along the way, riders enjoy lavish amenities like movies shown on five flatscreen TVs, reclining leather seats, free Wi-Fi and a snack bar. 631-537-5800, Round trip $45–$60.

Limo to Atlantic City
This limousine company will pick you up anywhere in the tristate area and drop you off at the A.C. destination of your choice. The company suggests that you make reservations at least 24 hours in advance, but unscheduled pickups are sometimes available. For more information and reservations, call 646-340-5370 or visit One-way from Manhattan: sedan $190–$220; SUV $260–$280; stretch limousine $290–$350.


Rich D
Rich D

The transportation options to Atlantic City are very limited. It is no wonder that the casinos are going bankrupt. 8 million people live in New York City, and the state of New Jersey never invested in building a direct rail from Manhattan to Atlantic City. I can drive door to door in 2 hours, but by train, taking either 2 or 3 trains, a minimum 3.5 hours. As for buses, aside from the extremely limited direct lines, a bus ride from Manhattan will cost you 3.5 to 4 hours each way.

Sorry Atlantic City, New Jersey failed you.

Trevor S
Trevor S

Wow, I think that it would be a blast to take one of these buses to Atlantic City. The one in this photo looks really nice. I'm sure that they are more comfortable than riding in airplanes as well. I'm sure it might take a little bit longer, but at least you get to enjoy the view.

Joey W
Joey W Spammer

Thanks for giving all these options.  I really needed to find out what type of transpiration I would be using for my trip. Now I feel more confident about going to New York knowing I have some many options. 

Rachel B
Rachel B SpammerBanned

My grandma and her friends have been thinking of getting away and having a trip.  None of them drive so they really like the idea of finding a charter bus to take them everywhere.  It seems there are so many good options for transportation these days. 

Hollie T
Hollie T

Having multiple modes of inter-city transportation is fantastic! I wish there were more public transportation methods around where I live. Trains are fast, but buses can get you closer to where you need to be. When I was a student, having a cheap bus pass made my life so much easier. 

Larry Fine
Larry Fine

Hampton Luxury Liner says on their Facebook (July 23, 2013): We no longer do runs to Atlantic City, only unless it's a charter with a group. If you need more info, call 631-567-5100 and we will be glad to assist you!


We bought tickets to Tropicana casino from an authorized agent situated on Hylan plaza (Staten Island). For the round trip on Sunday June 30. We departed from the Hylan plaza. On our back trip home, the driver of the Academy bus refused to take us to that plaza. He dropped us on Richmond Rd/ Narrows Rd. He said "he wants us to be removed from bus", even though we said we have no metro card to get home, and our car was left on the Hylan plaza. We cannot understand what kind of "round trip" is that, when you depart from one place and arrived at different without any prior notice. The attitude of the driver was unprofessional, and ridiculous. My husband has high blood pressure, and he felt really bad after all has happened. The bus number was 1839. This trip was on Sunday, June 30. We want to clarify this situation, and understand if we deserved to be treated like that

Marty b
Marty b

The Hampton luxury liner hasn't run to resorts since January