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Time Out Market Chicago Launches Flyers Over Fulton Exhibit

The installation pays homage to Chicago’s 90s nightclub era and the evolution of the Fulton Market neighborhood

By Time Out PR Admin

Time Out Market Chicago is excited to announce the launch of an immersive new cultural exhibit, Flyers over Fulton. Located in the Mezzanine Gallery of the 50,000-square-foot Market, the new installation is a retrospective of Chicago’s ‘90s nightclub culture, which jump-started the West Loop’s evolution into one of the city’s premier hospitality destinations. Included in the exhibit are hundreds of promotional flyers, photographs and other artifacts from the era’s most storied venues—from Shelter and China Club to Drink and more. Flyers Over Fulton is celebrating the launch of the installation with a weekly DJ series October 28 – November 30 from 5-10 p.m. The all star lineup includes sets from some of the era's top acts, including Derrick Carter, Diz, Lady D, DJ Heather, Burt “Nonstop” Blanchard, Jeff Pazen, and John Curley. 

“We are excited to invite Chicagoans to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane,” says Time Out Market Chief Marketing Officer Sumindi Peiris. “For more than 50 years, Time Out has captured and celebrated the diverse cultures and communities that make our cities so special. As we showcase Fulton’s iconic nightlife from the past, we are commemorating the neighborhood’s beloved history — featuring musicians, venues and artwork that reflect the soul of the city. Our guests can awaken their senses with live music, eight world class eateries, and two carefully curated bars, all while enjoying the exhibit.”

The exhibit, which runs from October 28 through November 30, features memorabilia from the personal collections of the DJ’s, club owners, and promoters who led the early 90’s Chicago nightlife scene. Flyers tout DJ sets and performances from house music innovators such as Daft Punk and Deee-Lite and hip-hop superstars like Tupac Shakur and Public Enemy. Photos feature candid moments with Chicago sports superstars Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman, musicians Ziggy Marley and Alice Cooper, and even Oprah Winfrey in a China Club baseball jacket.

Flyers Over Fulton is curated in partnership with former Chicago nightlife heavyweights Michael Blatter and BJ Murray. “We’re excited to bring to highlight the impact that this era had on Chicago culture,” says Blatter. “These clubs, the performers and everyone involved, brought house music to the masses and were the catalyst for the invigoration of an entire neighborhood.” 

Flyers Over Fulton traces the historical development of Chicago’s nightlife scene and its role in the evolution of the Fulton Market neighborhood. Originally an integral part of the city’s livestock and meat-packing industry, the area became the epicenter of Chicago nightlife, beginning with the opening of Shelter in March, 1990. The explosion of cultural activity in Fulton Market was able to bridge the gap—both geographically and musically—between the North side and South side clubs, bringing together, for the first time, diverse crowds that had never shared a cultural space before. 

Time Out Market Chicago continues to take the utmost care and safety precautions in its daily operations, with the exhibit designed with safety and ample social distancing in mind. Free timed-entry tickets are available for each of three opening receptions: Night 1, Night 2, Night 3.

Additionally, the Market employs the following safety measures:  

  • Air circulation and filtration:  An advanced air circulation and filtration system utilizes high-technology UV light to enhance fresh air supply and clean airflow. 
  • Plexiglass partitions: Plexiglass shields at all eatery counters and bars act as physical protection.
  • Steel Table Dividers: Between each table, these devices maintain social distance and bear inscripted quotes from cultural thought leaders on each table to separate dining parties safely.
  • Health and safety communication vestibules: Signage at the entrance offers safety-specific information about the venue.
  • Sanitizing stations: Hands-free hand sanitizer stations will be available for customers throughout the Market.
  • Contactless ordering: Available on Apple and Android smartphones, the new Time Out Market app allows guests to order and pay without contact. Guests can search ‘Time Out Market’ via the App Store or Google Play to download the app for free. Through the app, guests can track their order progress through email, text and push notifications. There will also be the capability to order via mobile web through timeout.com/chimenu
  • Extra cleaning crew: Dedicated staff, identifiable with their yellow shirts, will continually sanitize all surfaces.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All staff will use PPE equipment.

For more information, please visit Time Out Market Chicago online.

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