Time Out Market Montreal

Time Out Market Montréal Reopens Today, Wednesday, July 8th

Time Out Market Montréal is pleased to announce its reopening today, Wednesday, July 8th, 2020. With the help of Ivanhoé Cambridge, the market staff and concessionaires, the market is pleased to welcome back its guests to taste exceptional dishes from local favorites and indulge in Montréal’s unique culture

After pausing operations in March to help contain the spread of COVID-19, Time Out Market Montréal continues to prioritize the health and safety of guests, employees, concessionaires and their teams. In addition to following government regulations and Santé Montréal’s protocols, Time Out Market’s natural infrastructure, along with intensified safety precautions and new systems implemented, provide guests with an enjoyable dining experience: 

  • Ample space: Spanning across 40,000 square feet, guests have ample space to social distance.
  • Air circulation and filtration systems: With high ceilings, the market’s advanced technology air circulation and air filtration systems ensure clean airflow
  • Health and safety communication vestibules: Specially created signage at the entrance, will offer information and sanitizing stations for customers to have a safe and enjoyable experience at the market. Sanitation stations will be available throughout the market.
  • Plexiglass partitions: Plexiglass shields will be installed at concessionaire counters and bars, as well as on each table to separate dining parties safely. 
  • Contactless ordering: Available on Apple and Android smartphones, the new Time Out Market app allows guests to order and pay without contact. Guests can search ‘Time Out Market’ via the App Store or Google Play to download the app for free. Through the app, guests can track their order progress through email, text, and push notifications.
  • Delivery: The market menu items will be available through delivery via DoorDash.
  • Extra cleaning crew: A crew identifiable with their yellow shirts will consistently sanitize all surfaces 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All  staff will use PPE equipment. 
  • New operating hours: New hours of operation can be found on the Time Out Montréal website

“Time Out Market Montréal has 40,000 square feet for guests to social distance without losing the fun atmosphere that makes dining at Time Out Market so special,”
says Time Out Market CEO Didier Souillat. “Since the market represents the very best in local dining based on editorial curation, our editorial voice will be a prominent part of reopening. Throughout the market, social distancing partitions will be inscribed with quotes from a diverse group of Montréalers, and our video screens will feature local content curated by Time Out editors. Time Out Market Montréal will continue to bring local culture and exhibit the pulse of the city.” 

Time Out Market Montréal is delighted to welcome back its stellar lineup of Montréal’s top chefs and restaurateurs who are part of the fabric of the local community. To comply with social distancing, the market has staggered its kitchen re-openings in waves. The first wave on July 8th includes 8 concepts including;  6 concessionaires, a cooking school, a retail space, 2 mocktail and soda bars, a wine bar, beer bar and cocktail bar allowing guests sufficient room for ordering and dining. The locally renowned chefs and concepts returning on opening day include:

  • Japanese counter experience Marusan: Since 2016, owner and chef Hideyuki Imaizumi has spearheaded a renewed interest in Japanese cuisine at his restaurant Marusan. At Time Out Market Montréal, Marusan’s chef Tetsuya Shimizu and chef Imaizumi serve casually cool and familiar dishes such as karaage Japanese curry rice, triple soup tonkotsu ramen and truffle oil onsen egg.
  • Le Red Tiger Cantine Vietnamese and their aromatic cuisine: Inspired by the aromatic street cuisine of Southern Vietnam, chef Phong Thach brings to Time Out Market menu featuring a variety of specialty dishes such as: delectable banh mi sandwiches, flavourful Bo tai chanh beef carpaccio, refreshing papaya salad, traditional Vietnamese soups and bowls – to name but a few.
  • Signature chef Paul Toussaint and his hearty and spicy Haitian cuisine: Renowned former chef of Agrikol and signature chef at Time Out Market Paul Toussaint takes diners on a voyage with a menu dedicated to Haiti’s rich culinary and cultural heritage; featuring his crackling griot with piquant pikliz, accra fritters or fall-off-the-bone pineapple-and-rum ribs. 
  • Chefs Claude Pelletier and Mélanie Blouin and their artisanal fresh pasta from Il Miglio: The brainchild of chef Claude Pelletier and spearheaded at Time Out Market by chef Mélanie Blouin, Il Miglio offers beautifully simple, flavorful and mouth-watering Italian dishes like veal meatballs with basil & tomato sauce or Campanelle with mushrooms, truffle oil, and jus.
  • The Neapolitan-style pizza of Restaurant Moleskine: Chef Fred St-Aubin and Moleskine co-owners Catherine Bélanger and Bruno Braën bring their adventurous and delectable pizzas to Time Out Market, including the popular Marguerite, Brooklyn, and Salsiccia pizzas – all made with delicious fresh ingredients such as their specialty house sausage, stracciatella di bufala and fior di latte cheese, and boundless olive oil and tomato sauce.
  • The famous Portuguese rotisserie chicken of Romados: At Time Out Market, father-son duo Fernando and Manny Machado, both the owners and chefs of Romados, serve up savoury and sweet baked goods, including their scrumptious pasteis de nata as well as one of their most popular recipes: chicken slathered in their signature bright orange piri piri sauce, served with a selection of delectable sides such as dressed greens, seasoned fries or poutine.
  • Ateliers & Saveurs culinary classes at Time Out Market Montréal’s Cooking School: Restaurateur and founder Arnaud Ferrand and husband and wife duo Éric and Fanny Gauthier first opened Ateliers & Saveurs in Old Montréal in 2008, creating the first cooking school of its kind in North America; offering cooking workshops, mixology classes and wine tastings all in the same venue. Now they offer their classes at Time Out Market Montréal’s Cooking School—a place where guests of all skill levels get to learn new recipes and discover the joy of cooking in workshops taught by seasoned and passionate professionals. Guests are able to choose from a multitude of classes starting at $22, as well as wine tasting classes. Class bookings are available via Ateliers & Saveurs’ website.
  • Signé Local brings its locally produced items to Time Out Market Montréal’s retail space: Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Vanessa Lachance and Maxime Tremblay in order to promote responsible consumption and buying locally, Signé Local is a store that offers a wide selection of quality products made by Québec artisans and entrepreneurs. The team now sells its wonderful range in the Time Out Market Montréal retail space where visitors are able to discover high-quality products made locally, such as local food items, decorative objects, clothing, beauty products and much more.

Time Out Market Montréal is proud to work alongside all market concessionaires and their teams and hopes to welcome back the full list of its signature chefs and restaurateurs in subsequent re-opening phases. As the community works hard to safely resume operations, Time Out Market Montréal and Time Out Montréal continue to support local restaurants and businesses through initiatives such as the Time Out
Love Local Campaign.