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Barcelona goes into Phase 2
Photograph: Equip AudiovisualsBarcelona beaches open in Phase 2

Barcelona moves into Phase 2: what this means

From Monday, June 8, Barcelona restaurants can open their interior dining rooms, you can take a dip in the sea, and more

Jan Fleischer
Written by
Marc Andreu
Jan Fleischer

Once again, the Spanish government has approved the request of the Catalan government to move into the next phase of de-escalation, which means that the health regions of Barcelona and Lleida move into Phase 2 on Monday, June 8, while those of Camp de Tarragona, Terres de l'Ebre and Alt Pirineu i Aran head into Phase 3. All of Catalonia has got the green light to move into the next corresponding phase.

These moves are thanks to the lower numbers of infections and deaths in recent weeks in the Catalan territories. That said, despite the optimism represented by the figures, the health minister has asked for 'prudence and individual responsibility' to avoid possible outbreaks. This phase jump means that more than half of Spain will find itself in the last phase of de-escalation on June 8, and all communities now have more healthcare resources and, in Phase 3 territories, more self-government to manage the crisis.

What can we do in Phase 2 in Barcelona?

With Phase 2 comes a moderate relaxation of restrictions, the reopening of spaces such as theatres and cinemas that remained closed in Phase 1, recreational swimming in the sea (with controls in place for capacity limits) and the opening of restaurant and bar interiors. Although we were already looking forward to a full de-escalation by the beginning of July, this latest step is celebrated as a triumph in our collective battle toward the so-called new normal. So what will life in Barcelona be like starting on June 8?

Bars and restaurants

- Interior seating is open to the public with a limit to 40 percent of capacity
- The maximum capacity on terraces is increased to 50 percent
- Indoor dining and drinking must be done seated at tables, with no standing or sitting at bars
- The use of standard menus, serviette holders and oil cruets is prohibited
- Nightclubs are to remain closed


- All small and large (more than 400 m2) individual shops can open to a maximum of 40 percent of their capacity
- Shopping centres can now open, to a maximum of 30 percent of their capacity (40 percent within each individual shop)
- Access to public areas in shopping centres, such as rest areas or children's play areas, is prohibited
- Flea markets can open to a maximum of 30 percent of their capacity of stalls and a control on the amount of shoppers allowed in at any given time

Beaches and swimming pools

- You can swim in the sea recreationally at beaches only in your own health region
- Public swimming pools can open to 30 percent of their capacity and by advance booking only
- At swimming pools, towel areas will be marked to delimit personal spaces
- The use of locker rooms, showers, and water fountains is prohibited

Cinemas, theatres and auditoriums

- These cultural venues can reopen to a maximum of 30 percent of their capacity, and with advanced tickets having been purchased
- No more than 50 audience members may gather in indoor spaces
- Open/outdoor spaces may open to a maximum of 400 audience members


- Libraries were allowed to open to a maximum of 30 percent of their capacity in Phase 1, and this remains unchanged
- Whereas in Phase 1, libraries could only open to lending services, in Phase 2 consultation spaces are reopened

Museums and galleries

- To avoid crowds, new exhibitions may not open at this time
- Museums and galleries are allowed to open to 30 percent of their capacity

Sport, gyms and sport centres

- Outdoor individual sport and walks are now permitted any time of the day, with no timetables or restrictions on how often you can go out (NOTE: walks on the beach are limited to between 6am and 10am, and 8pm and 11pm)
- Indoor sports facilities and swimming pools can open, both at a maximum of 30 percent of their capacity and by advance appointment
- You can use changing rooms, and you can train in pairs in non-contact sports and activities

Hotels and tourist accommodations

- As in Phase 1, these businesses can open, and now in Phase 2, common areas can open as long as they are kept to a maximum of 30 percent of their capacity



Get-togethers with family and friends

- Up to 15 people can meet under the same roof, as long as everyone involved lives in the same health region
- Avoid contact with anyone who is not well or who is over 70 years old
- Visits to residences for the elderly are not permitted

Moving between regions

- You can move around only within the same health region where you live (this includes going to any second homes) except in certain justified cases 
- You cannot move between provinces until Phase 3


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