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Fusta'm (English)
Photo: Maria Dias Fusta'm

The 27 best shops in Barcelona

Your guide to the best shops in Barcelona where you can buy just about anything you can conjure

By Eugènia Sendra

Our favourite shops in Barcelona are beautiful spaces with soul and well-selected products, that go for local brands, have history, and know a thing or two about good design. You can find a host of shops with famous brands along Passeig de Gràcia, but keep your eye out for smaller names and lovely boutiques in Carrer de Verdi in Gràcia, and in the Born and Gothic Quarter. We've rounded up some of our favourites where you can pick up clothes, books, footwear, gifts, accessories, flowers and plants and more. Discover them for the first time, or go back for seconds.

Best Shops in Barcelona

1. La Central

Shopping Bookshops Eixample

La Central is one of the city's benchmark spaces for readers, authors and publishers. You can find titles on anthropology, architecture and design, art and film, and photography, but also collections of poetry and artworks, among others. La Central has one of the best selections of foreign-language novels in Barcelona, with a great variety of books in English, and not just bestsellers or classics. It's also a great spot to pin down hard-to-find editions you've been searching for to add to your shelf, and there's a lovely café on the first floor.

Photo: Maria Dias

2. M69

Shopping Eixample

M69 have been battling it out in the trenches of the fashion world for more than two decades, and they've seen that the way people dress has significantly changed over that time. Yet they're still committed to pioneering a groundbreaking style for men based on international brands. Their selection helps you create a timeless and elegant wardrobe with pieces such as Paul Smith shirts, J. Lindeberg jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs jackets, Freitag bags and more. You'll also find more casual items such as T-shirts and sneakers from the Play line by Comme des Garçons.

©Maria Dias

3. Ivori

Shopping Boutiques Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

The Born is where Carola Alexandre and Alba Neddermann have set up this small but exquisite shop where they sell their label, Alexandre Neddermann, defined by the use of vintage fabrics and retro-inspired silhouettes. But Ivori also has room for other labels and designers the pair are related with, such as Maria Roch, Borne by Elise Berger, Mus&Roew shoes, and Lubochka handbags, among others.

The Outpost
Photo: The Outpost

4. The Outpost

Shopping Dreta de l'Eixample

The latest trends for the modern man, right on the line that runs between the classic and the innovative. This is The Outpost, a shop that has become a point of reference for men who like brands such as Maison Martin Margiela, Neil Barret for Palladium shoes and Maquedano hats. If you want to do some fun and no-pressure shopping, you've come to the right place.

Photo: Maria Dias

5. Masscob

Shopping Barcelona

Masscob is a brand that wants you to explore with all five senses. The adventure started out in 2003 in a flat in La Coruña (Galicia), and has since expanded internationally while maintaining its personality and creative independence. Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobián find themselves inspired by colours and natural fabrics, and they put a lot of value in cuts: in their workshops they study coats, skirts and jeans in great detail so that the garments lend themselves perfectly to the female form.

Photo: Sergio Lopez

6. Sivasdescalzo

Shopping Barcelona

Sivasdescalzo is a temple for sneakers, not only figuratively, but also literally resembles one thanks to its architecture. Here you can find shoes from brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma, Le Coq Sportif, Alexander McQueen and Miharayasuhiro. They also carry limited-edition footwear guaranteed to delight collectors.

Berta Sumpsi
Photo: Maria Dias

7. Berta Sumpsi

Shopping Jewellery Barcelona

Berta Sumpsi defines herself with opposites: what she does isn't traditional, nor is it an exercise in opulence for opulence's sake, nor is it jewellery inspired by the shape of teddy bears. In her pieces you'll find design, craftmanship, and intense artistry. She's got conceptual pieces, works that stray away from conventional jewellery, and more commercial pieces where Sumpsi explores a very geometric, clear and pure language with Nordic inspiration.

Gema Galdón
Photo: Maria Dias

8. Gema Galdón Hat Gallery

Shopping Barcelona

Gema Galdón creates hats and unique pieces of headgear that radiate exquisite taste and are the product of hours of delicate hand-crafted work. She's developed her own tools and even applies techniques from other disciplines – including dressmaking and cooking – to her hats. In this white and sun-filled shop you'll also find pieces that are made in a family-owned factory in Valencia.

The VOS Shop
Photo: The VOS Shop

9. The VOS Shop

Shopping Barcelona

This is not a concept store nor is it a total look shop but rather a hybrid where a contented clientele browse and buy. There are always some punters who purchase a couple of new looks at the start of the season, but it's easy to go back for jewellery (Sew a Song, Fauna & Flora), belts (from Cuirum), sunglasses (Komono), shoes (Rice & Co), backpacks (Ykra) and more. Don't forget the irreverent T-shirts from Carne Bollente.

Llibreria Calders
Photo: Maria Dias

10. Llibreria Calders bookshop

Shopping Bookshops Sant Antoni

In 2014, Isabel Sucunza and bookseller Abel Cutillas opened a bookshop that has since become a benchmark in the field. Calders defines itself as ‘a bookshop that specializes in books’, but what makes it different is its dedication to local authors. The name of this place is a clear tribute to a writer from this very neighbourhood, Pere Calders, and the shop owners want to showcase authors from this area while also offering them a coworking space.

Photo: Maria Dias

11. Nuovum

Shopping Designer El Raval

If you want your shop to be associated with innovation and fresh ideas, naming it Nuovum seems like a safe bet. Indeed, this shop close to La Rambla is the place to shop if you're interested in the latest collections of upcoming fashion designers. With its honeycomb-like shelves, warm lighting and pleasant background music, the dream of shopping for printed T-shirts, bags, mugs, jewellery and caps in a feel-good atmosphere becomes a reality.

Photo: Maria Dias

12. Fusta'm

Shopping Antiques El Raval

Fusta'm is the venture of restorer Lídia Matos and carpenter Oriol Viñas. Their thing is visiting fairs throughout Europe and the United States to bring back furniture, lamps and decorative items from the 1950s to the 1970s. Need an interior design project? Looking for an antique alarm clock? Dying to turn that corner of your house into a small bar? Stop by Fusta'm.


13. Les Topettes

Shopping El Raval

When you're in the market for scents and soaps, get to Les Topettes in the Raval. The space is warm and welcoming, with wooden furniture made to measure and a host of blue lights hanging from the ceiling. The shelves show off beauty and home products such as perfumes, soaps, creams, colognes and candles, in gorgeous packaging. You'll find it difficult to leave Les Topettes empty-handed.

Photo: Chandal

14. Chandal

Shopping Electronics Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

All things photography share the spotlight with design objects at Chandal, a shop with its origins in the Raval that's always eager for new trends. In addition to resuscitating old cameras, they offer new Polaroid models and different types of film, as well as development services. And you'll also find decorative items from local creators. And among a host of cool and eye-catching objects, there are great toys and books for kids as well.

La Capell
Photo: La Capell

15. La Capell

Shopping Barcelona

Established in 1977, the Jordi Capell Cooperative of Architects has a shop dedicated to selling books on architecture and specialised stationery, but it’s meant to be enjoyed by more than just people who work in this industry. The shop boasts more than 11,000 products as well as a good repertoire of gifts and furniture linked to the world of architecture. This is an ideal place for lovers of this discipline or for those who want to buy a unique book about the city of Barcelona.

Après Ski
Photo: Après Ski

16. Après Ski

Shopping Jewellery Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

Lucia Vergara’s brand is unmistakable. She worked at a Lydia Delgado accessory line when she started making necklaces out of anything she could find, especially vintage pieces. Her inspiration is geometry, the universe and nature. The result? Necklaces you'll definitely want to show off.

Bon vent
Photo: Maria Dias

17. Bon Vent

Shopping Boutiques Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

Sun hats, shell-shaped candles, espadrilles, woven baskets: Bon Vent is inspired by the Mediterranean, and every lovingly decorated square metre of this little shop is a homage to the sea and the sunny side of life. In collaboration with local and international artists alike, Bon Vent also sells handcrafted toys and painted pottery, each piece representing everyday life in Barcelona, from visits to the local markets to rooftop parties.

Photo: Pol Massip

18. Makeo

Shopping Barcelona

If it looks like a second-hand shop and feels like a second-hand shop... But in this case, it's designer Roberto Piqueras and artist Eme Rock who give previously worn clothes and accessories new life at Makeo, a shop that unites sustainability, ecology, and new consumer trends. This adventure started for them as an online store, but since 2019 they've had a physical space designed by Roberto Celada where they can sell their street wear.

Bobo Choses
Photo: Bobo Choses

19. Bobo Choses Barcelona Born

Shopping Barcelona

It’s a great time for children’s fashion, and brands like Bobo Choses, founded in 2008 in nearby Mataró, really stand out. They make clothes that are easy to wear, playful and colourful, and have a retro vibe. Plus, they also create collections of accessories and clothing for adults and older kids. This shop in the Born neighbourhood is a space that invites everyone to join the Bobo community.

20. Cafés El Magnífico

Restaurants Coffeeshops Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

In the Cafés El Magnífico shop – where you can get yourself some of the best coffee beans in the world – there's also an area where you can have an excellent cup of coffee: they serve single-origin coffees and exceptional blends – in all speciality formats, cold infusion included, and shakerato as well. It's not cheap, but the high quality of the coffee is worth the extra coins once in a while. The capuccinos are especially delicious.

BD Barcelona
Photo: BD Barcelona

21. BD Barcelona

Shopping Home decor El Poblenou

BD Barcelona, formerly known as BD Ediciones de Diseño, was born in the 1970s as the love child of architects and designers Pep Bonet, Lluís Clotet, Cristian Cirici, Mireia Riera, Oscar Tusquets and Oriol Regàs. The company is alive and well in their Poblenou showroom, where they exhibit pieces that have been reproduced from plans of well-known designers and artists, such as furniture by Gaudí and Dalí, Tusquets chair and pieces from Jaime Hayón and Martí Guixé, among other contemporary designers.

Photo: Maria Dias

22. NU#02

Shopping Eixample

Three stars of 'made in Catalonia' signature fashion collections, Txell Miras, Miriam Ponsa and Josep Abril, share this shop. They believe in local production, share a colour palette and like to play around with patterns. In NU#02, each designer has their own space, which means they can show full collections. They also offer accessories to finish dressing their looks, which lean toward the simple and elegant.

La Llama
Photo: Maria Dias

23. La Llama

Shopping Barcelona

This shop specialises in humour, perhaps even on a worldwide scale, because they approach the discipline from all sides (and take it seriously, we might add). They have books that use humorous tools, from Miguel Noguera to Kakfa, there are Spanish magazines from the '70s, and they have a good selection of joke items and even design objects, with a preference for David Shrigley merchandising and Seletti editions.

24. Flowers by Bornay

Shopping Barcelona

Bornay's creations are dreamy, exquisite and eclectic. A bouquet could evoke a Matisse painting, a centrepiece inspired by an old sci-fi film. They now sell their original creations retail in this historical space that over time will be covered with lush vegetation until it's among the most beautiful florists in the world.

Mantegueria Lasierra
Photo: Maria Dias

25. Mantequeria Lasierra

Shopping Corner shops Barcelona

Mantequeria Lasierra is a grocer's that provides high quality and customer service that nowadays isn't always easy to find in the big city. The shop has its origins in the late 20th century, when these types of establishments were the one place you could go to get everything you needed. When Ramón Lasierra took over the trade in 1953, he looked toward specialization in quality charcuterie, which Mantequeria Lasierra has cultivated. Marble and wood make up the personality of a shop that needs no decoration other than its wares. You'll find an abundance of ingredients to make a complete meal or picnic, or grab a delicious snack.

Aúpa Organics
Photo: Aúpa Organics

26. Aúpa Organics

Shopping Barcelona

At this 'eco-friendly store for kids' you can find clothes, toys and games, lotions and potions, food, and furniture all in a single space. Aúpa Organics boasts some 700 products, all eco-friendly certified, which is a must for consumers who want to move away from unnecesary waste.

Ultra-local Records
Photo: Ultra-Local Records

27. Ultra-Local Records

Shopping Music and entertainment El Poblenou

Ultra-Local Records is where you want to be to get all your music-listening needs met in Poblenou. This shop that specializes in vinyl records is small but complete and focuses on being, that's right, ultra-local. They pride themselves on stocking independent labels and albums by local bands, they give special care to self-published records, and they also have a catalogue of international new releases. The added value is that they programme concerts and other music-related activities as well.

Take a Break in One of Barcelona's Best Cafés

Espai Joliu
Photo: Iván Moreno

The best cafés in Barcelona

Restaurants Cafés

You can find all kinds of cafés in Barcelona, from the most popular to temples where coffee is practically worshipped. Nowadays there's a more recent crop of coffee shops in Barcelona that have revolutionised the world of coffee with a first-class product and comprehensive traceability throughout the process that brings the good stuff to us. These are places that are light years away from the burnt horror you might otherwise be served if you're not paying attention.


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