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Break in the Vallès Occidental: Two Exploratory Routes

We suggest a couple of itineraries suitable for those who enjoy walking and for cycling enthusiasts

For this getaway to the valleys just outside Barcelona, we are going to follow two routes that form part of the “Choose Your Own Tourist Adventure” programme, a series of ideas in which you are the protagonist. A great way to discover a comarca full of charming places. The itineraries we have chosen are easy ones, so they are ideal for the whole family and can be done by bike if you prefer. Right then, let’s go!

Day 1: Route for the Ronda Verda in Palau-solità i Plegamans

Day 1: Route for the Ronda Verda in Palau-solità i Plegamans

The first day takes us to Palau-solità i Plegamans, which used to be two separate parishes and not so long ago was called Palau de Plegamans, a name that became widely known thanks to a television programme called Filiprim. The village now has a street named after the show! But enough about TV because we are here to enjoy the natural surroundings, specifically the area around the Riera del Caldes.


The recommended starting point for this excursion is the Espai Jove l’Escorxador (at 57 Passeig de la Carrerada). From here, you can follow an easy, paved path and admire the riverside fauna and flora. As mentioned, you can either go on foot or by bike: the choice is yours! If the heat gets to you or your legs are weary (or both), the benches along the path will help you to rest a little while the information panels will help you to interpret your surroundings. If you are lucky, you might be able to spot a grey heron, an egret, a kingfisher or a mallard, among other birds. Your destination is the park belonging to the Hostal del Fum, a large green space spanning 35,000 km2, with autochthonous vegetation and several paths to explore. If you want to see the park in a fun way without tiring yourselves out too much, the Tren de Palau is a small train which runs around a 3-km track. The perfect end to this route! And, come lunchtime, the park is a wonderful setting for a picnic, with wooden tables and benches as well as toilet facilities.

Day 2: The Masies to the East of Matadepera

Day 2: The Masies to the East of Matadepera

The second adventure explores the area surrounding Matadepera. This is a circular itinerary and, while it is not particularly difficult, it is slightly more complicated than the first route, as it covers 12 kilometres and leads us into the mountains, with all the ups and downs that this involves. So, it’s time to don some comfortable shoes, put on your suncream, fill your flasks with cool water, protect your head from the sun, and we’re off!

This route lets us discover several typical Catalan country houses and some of the other surprises found east of the town. We have chosen to start from the Plaça de Sant Jordi in Matadepera and head in the direction of the Font de la Tartana. Soon we pass by the Mas de Can Gorina and then we continue towards a Roman site and the Can Solà de Racó masia. Once we reach the Font de la Tartana, we take the path to Can Torres, where we go down the trail towards the Collet de Cabrafiga and then to the Collet dels Forns. Next the path climbs up to the Rossos and Mont-rodon hills before heading back down to Matadepera, passing the Font del Corraló and Can Vinyers. This trail is ideal for fans of mountain biking.

Once back in the town, if you still have time and energy to spare, take a stroll around the streets or enjoy some of the other attractions, such as the Municipal Golf Course, situated at the foot of the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park. Here they offer various initiation classes for those new to the sport and one Sunday each month there is an open day which includes a free group class.