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Birmingham’s brightest breakthrough artists

Written by
Rhian Morgans

Birmingham is home to some of the most creative and talented emerging artists on the music scene. So whether you’re into grime, jazz, dance music, turbo folk or whatever else, this city has something for you.

However, with so many amazing local artists about to hit the big time, it's tough to keep up. So, here are some of the best breakthrough musicians in Birmingham today we recommend you don't miss:

Call Me Unique

R.J.Baddeley |

Singer-songwriter and Handsworth lass with a hell of a lot of talent, Call me Unique (she’ll never tell you her real name) is much more than the treble clef tattooed on her cheek.

Visit her SoundCloud or check out her Facebook page for upcoming gigs if you’re into rich sounds that navigate blissfully through soul, jazz, jazz-scat and rap, combined with thought-provoking lyrics and subtle guitar arrangements.

If you’re particularly lucky, you might catch her doing an impromptu performance in and around the city.

Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos   

They’re sexy, they’re weird, and they’re the go-to festival band for Midlands-based madness. If you’re a proud Brummie music-lover and haven’t heard of these guys, then you’ve been missing out.

Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos will certainly entertain and keep you on your toes with their eclectic, carefree style, undeniable swagger, upbeat numbers and dance moves your dad will love.

This joyful bunch are wowing loyal audiences and packing out venues across Europe with their energetic performances influenced by Eastern European and Jamaican music and rock n roll. These chaps are not to be missed. Head to their Facebook page for more information on their latest gigs, tracks and general happenings.


R.J.Baddeley |

Young, passionate, unconventional – Elektric is sure to leave you buzzing (we’re sorry, but we had to) with her fusion of R&B, indie, hip-hop and rap.

This talented musician is wise beyond her years and radiates positivity as she uses her storyteller style to provoke, inspire and uplift. She’s breaking the mold and smashing every widely held rap stereotype, one thought provoking melody at a time. Find her on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Namiwa Jazz 

R.J.Baddeley |

Namiwa (that's NA-MY-WAH, if you're looking for pronunciation) describes her sound as 'afro-twang with a little bit of soul' and she sure does offer that.

Bursting onto the scene in 2014, aged just 20, she’s already creating enormous, glorious waves up and down the country. Winner of multiple awards and with performances at London’s Roundhouse and Barclays BST in Hyde Park, it’s clear that things are moving fast for this locally grown talent. Her debut EP, My Garden of Eden, is phenomenal – check it out.

Hannah Brown 

Hannah Brown

Soulful, raw and deeply emotional, Hannah speaks straight from the heart in songs skilfully crafted by experiences of heartbreak and adventure.

If you want an uplifting nighttime backdrop to drunken shenanigans, then this isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking to be captivated by beautiful melodies that leave you a little bit breathless, look no further.

A regular on the local music scene and with a fierce ambition to create, expect big things from Hannah Brown. Find out more on her website.

Can you think of any other Brummie artists who deserve to be on this list? Let us know.

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