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Brewed in Brum

Written by
Shaun Curnow

What's not to love about locally-brewed beverages? First of all, it means pubs get to offer its patrons more choice. Second, it helps boost the local economy.

Plus, it's better for the environment too: getting your favourite tipple from brewery to glass takes far fewer air miles or lorry journeys than an imported equivalent.

Most important of all, though, supporting a local beer or cider brings with it a sense of local pride and identity. 

Birmingham was once one of the world's biggest beer producers. Although this is sadly no longer the case, there are still a handful of brewers helping to keep the spirit alive.

So, take a look at this selection of tempting pints, created in or around Birmingham. Most of which you could be enjoying this evening. Or this morning (we won't judge).

Two Towers Brewery

Located in Hockley, the Two Towers Brewery has five ales it aims to produce on a regular basis.

Along with two pale ales, Electric Ale and Chamberlain Pale, the brewery is also responsible for the distinctly citrus-flavoured beer Complete Muppetry, Jewellery Porter (a stout which offers coffee, chocolate and toffee tastes), and Bhacker Ackhams – a dark, 5.6% ale where drinkers will experience rich chocolate and nutty flavours. 

There are more than 20 venues in the area you'll likely find these on offer, including The Botanist, The Figure of Eight, Rose Villa Tavern and The Barton Arms. 

Rock & Roll Brewhouse 

The Rock & Roll Brewhouse claims to be Birmingham's only pub rooftop craft brewery, its home being above The Lamp Tavern on Barford Street. As the name of the brewery suggests, many of its ales have been given a rock-themed name, with some of its limited-run creations including Brew Springsteen, Voodoo Mild, Mott the Hop Pole, Psychobilly Cadillac and Telstar Mild.

Head to The Lamp to see what they have on the pumps today, or follow them on Twitter.   

Aston Manor Cider


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If you aren't one for lagers or ales, Aston Manor Cider – the UK's largest independent cider maker – has its HQ and distribution centre in Birmingham. Once a beer brewery, the company focused solely on ciders in 2008.

Okay, being such a large scale operation means it might not give you the same fuzzy feeling as supporting somewhere like the the Rock & Roll Brewhouse. However, if you started your cider drinking career with a big bottle of the infamous Frosty Jack's, you probably had other things on your mind at the time. Like getting smashed as quickly as possible.

Some of Aston Manor's more sophisticated offerings include Friels, Kingstone Press and Chardolini. 

Froth Blowers Brewing Company


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Back in the 1920's, surgeon Sir Alfred Fripp and one of his wealthy patients, Bert Temple, established a fraternity known as 'Ye Ancient Order of Froth Blowers' as means of raising money for various charities.

Thought to have disappeared in the mists of time back in the 1930s, the order was resurrected ten years ago by David Woodhead. In 2013, Woodhead and his two stepsons started a brewery to help perpetuate the Froth Blowers' name once again.

The fledgling brewing company now have three regular beers: the light-blonde Piffle Snonker, the floral and citrus-flavoured Gollop With Zest and the full-bodied Hornswaggle. You'll frequently find them at the Post Office Vaults, The Woodman, The Wellington and The Queens Arms.

Davenports Brewery?

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Birmingham's famous Davenports beer has had a tumultuous history. Established in 1896, Davenports was brewed at its HQ in Bath Row, Birmingham until 1987 before being bought out by Greenall's (now known as De Vere Group). 

Sixteen years after the last pint was made in Bath Row, the brand was resurrected in 2003, when Walsall-based Highgate Brewery started brewing Top Brew Deluxe and Original. This revival proved to be short lived, though, as the Grade III listed Highgate Brewery was put up for auction this time last year.

Is this the end, though? A new Davenports website, with a Smethwick address, claims to be "brewing up". Could we see another triumphant return of the brand sometime soon?

Got a thirst on now? Here are some of our favourite bars in Birmingham.

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