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Live action horror events to make your Halloween the scariest yet

Written by
Shaun Curnow

What do you have planned for Halloween? Trick or treating? Dressing up like a sexy Donald Trump (yes, such a costume really exists) for a party? How about taking part in a live horror experience so scary you'll spit out your pumpkin spice latte?

This Halloween, activity and event organiser is offering several nightmare inducing experiences in Birmingham: 'Zombie Bootcamp', 'Werewolf Hunting' and 'The Asylum'.


Participants of The Zombie Bootcamp and Werewolf Hunting experiences will be dropped into a compound to undergo military tactical training and then taught how to challenge bloodthirsty zombies and werewolves by using semi-automatic assault rifles, pistols, pump-action shotguns and grenades.

After an hour of tuition, groups will then attempt to kill as many zombies or werewolves as possible in the fastest time, whilst fending for their lives and the safety of their camp. 


If that doesn't sound extreme enough for you, The Asylum moves things to the next level. Taking place inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where inmates were once illegally experimented on, participants will be tasked with locating and locking away the crazed inhabitants wreaking havoc in the building.

All the events, which last between four and 12 hours, are run by  ex-forces military instructors, who'll ensure the experience is more exhilarating than even the most aggressive apple bobbing session.

Spokesperson Rachel Harrison said: 'We have put together these unique events to offer a genuinely innovative way for horror fanatics to celebrate Halloween this year. These experiences will allow friends to live for a brief moment in a post apocalyptic world of gory action and we’re serious when we say it’s not for the faint hearted. These are intense, physical and adrenaline pumping activities that will have everyone talking for weeks.'

You can find out more about the events here. Or, you can buy your sexy Trump costume here. In both cases, you have been warned.

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