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Flickr: Joe Hunt

Most people in the UK don't know where Birmingham is

Written by
Chris Parkin

So how good are you at map reading? According to a recent survey, probably not very.

Not pin-pointing every single state in the US is excusable perhaps, but not being to locate the UK's vast second city? Come on, Britain. It's nearly always behind the massive great England written on zoomed-out Google Maps and is encircled by a colourful scribble of motorway.

Not only that, 28 per cent of Brummies can't even name the Bullring shopping centre when they're shown a picture of it. Birmingham has plenty of architectural splendour, old and new, but gleaming, mirror-clad, space-age structures aren't exactly common place now, are they? Well, except for New Street station.

This act of geographical shaming, courtesy of Jurys Inn, also suggests that even fewer people know where Sheffield is (86 per cent). The UK population clearly doesn't know its Handcock's Bottom from its Sandy Balls.

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