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Walking past mirror-clad New Street station is a psychedelic trip

Written by
Robin Valk

City-centre types will already know that Network Rail has smothered New Street Station in mirror cladding as part of the Grand Central facelift. It's not exactly Guggenheim Bilbao, but hey, it's got to be an improvement when the finished article finally opens this year. Especially if you like even more fancy chains and posh shopping.

But there is one unnerving side-effect to all this cladding on our new station.

On the new planted walkway above the tracks, walking from Eastside and Moor Street, you drop down a pedestrianised slope to the station entrance. It's quite nice: no traffic to dodge, and it's a convenient cut-through. There's a lot to like about it. 

Robin Valk

Until, that is, you look up at the mirrored cladding facing you as you come down the slope. There you are, in the cladding's reflection, seen from above hurrying down the slope at an odd angle. It's weird. It's weirder still to spot someone in a tearing hurry, thundering towards you.

Still, for fans of all things psychedelic, at least it lets you navigate the crowds in mind-warping 3D. Just be careful if you're rushing for the last train home after a few drinks.

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