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You know you had a good night in Birmingham when...

Written by
Ellen Manning

From club nights to fine dining, Birmingham's got it all. Whether you're a student or a well-heeled professional, there's something for everybody. So, you know you've had a good night out in Birmingham when...

1. You got on the train to Five Ways at the end of the night - and woke up in Redditch

London Midland train

Elliott Brown/WikiCommons

Why is it the cross city line never seems to work according to plan unless you're unconscious? 

2. You found yourself at Turtle Bay happy hour at 10pm, despite having already been there from 6pm for the first one

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay

One of Birmingham's best-loved happy hour venues, Turtle Bay gives you two-for-one cocktails not only at the beginning of the night, but at the end, too. Is there any point in leaving?

3. You woke up with the remainder of your Mr Egg cheesy chips still all over your face

Mr Egg, Birmingham

Flickr: Bounder

This Birmingham institution has had its share of highs and lows, having lost its licence in 2009 after the boss was jailed for spraying 16 customers with concentrated vinegar. It eventually reopened – briefly as Chicken Cottage – and is now known as Mr Egg again, even though there's no longer an emphasis on eggs. 

4. You ended up playing cricket on Bennetts Hill and missed the train home

5. You found yourself embroiled in a Villa versus Blues argument on the bus home

The Holte End at Aston Villa

Row17/Wikimedia Commons

The Second City Derby has always been a fierce clash; the teams' fans have a rivalry going so far back that their taunts are ingrained in Birmingham slang. No prizes for guessing who came up with the phrase 'Blue Nose'. 

6. You wished you could have a glitter-covered face every day 

Magic Door, Birmingham

Magic Door/Facebook

Magic Door is one of Brum's popular nights out and returns to Boxxed on Friday November 27 for what it's calling a 'mystical winter edition'. When you arrive, you're given a glittery magic bean that lets you pass through the 'magic door' ready for a serious party.

7. You came home as the Jewellery Quarter seagulls start their morning abuse 

 Birmingham might be about as far from the seaside as you can get, but that hasn't stopped seagulls flooding the city. They've caused the most nuisance in the Jewellery Quarter, where residents have been left at the end of their tether after being woken up in the early hours by the noise, not to mention being dive-bombed in the pesky birds' hunt for food. 

8. Your receipts from the Cube's champagne bar bring you to tears

The Cube, Birmingham

Elliott Brown/Flickr

You can't miss The Cube. And with great views across the city, the champagne bar at the top is up there with the best of Brum and the perfect place to for a glass of bubbles on a night out. Just don't lose track of how much you've had...

9. You don't want breakfast because you're still full from the nine courses you had at Adam's

One of the city's five venues boasting a Michelin star, Adam's has gone from strength to strength. And, according to Trip Advisor, it also happens to be UK's best restaurant – and fourth best in the world. At Adam's you can have a five or nine-course tasting menu, or try a three-course lunch. Just make sure you can manage it all, because you won't want to be leaving anything behind.

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