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Kababish, indian restaurant
Sal Maxuda

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Tasteful interior and a modern menu of North Indian and Pakistani dishes that are lighter than usual. The cocktail menu is also worth a look

The decor at Kababish in Moseley sits at the elegant end of the spectrum, with simple, smart interiors that are mercifully devoid of any gauche elements. It’s all very tasteful, and definitely won’t put you off ordering a big North Indian and Pakistani feast.

The family-run restaurant is committed to keeping regulars in rude health, and nothing’s awash with oil that shouldn’t be. The menu, though modern, doesn’t jar, and off-the-wall ingredients are kept to a minimum.

It’s debatable whether a splash of olive oil improves a chunk of tandoori hake, but it certainly doesn’t detract from its moist middle or the fact that it’s quite a bargain at £4.95. Order a mixed sizzler (£10.95) if you like your protein still singing as it hits the table. Baltis are fine and Kababish offers a ‘build-your-own’ option in addition to all its own creations – but the rest of the main courses are worth more than a cursory glance.

You might believe a balti works better with a lager than a Long Island Iced Tea, but Kababish’s lengthy – and, in places, original – cocktail menu will do its utmost to convince you otherwise.

Even if you can’t contemplate a cocktail with curry, the pairing of an after-dinner espresso martini with a portion of plump, juicy gulab jamun is less-than £10 very well-spent.

Written by Zoe Perett


29 Woodbridge Road
B13 8EH
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 5.30-11.30pm; Sat 5.30pm-midnight; Sun 1.30-9pm
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