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Sheereen Kadah

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  • 4 out of 5 stars
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Sheereen Kadah, indian restaurant
Sal Maxuda

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Old-school decor and food that speaks for itself – make sure you leave room for the sweet stuff

Unashamedly old-school, with workaday interiors that include the local signature of wipe-clean glass-topped tables showcasing the menu, Moseley’s Sheereen Kadah doesn’t even have a website – and not because it’s making some sort of ironic hipster statement.

This is a place where the food speaks loudly enough for itself – from Sunday morning breakfasts of channa puri (fluffy fried bread served with chickpea stew) and katlama (a rarely-seen, deep-fried, mince-stuffed pastry) to flavour-packed lamb kebabs, and robustly-spiced lamb tikka. If you’re dithering over the decision of sweet centre or balti house, Sheereen Kadah is a sure bet: it’s both, and it won’t cost much to fill your boots.

Grilled items are a strength at this Balti Triangle stalwart (established in 1962): powerfully flavoured and cooked by chefs who clearly know how to tame an open flame. If you’re not familiar with the aforementioned katlama, you must order one, and dip pieces of the spicy, puffy pastry into the classic, ketchup-like sauce. Balti staples are served in decent portions and, unlike many balti houses where dessert options are limited, you can choose from the full gamut displayed within the sweet counter come pudding time.

Written by Zoe Perett


543 Moseley Road
B12 9BU
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat noon-10pm; Sun 7am-10pm
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