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Summer in Southside
Summer in Southside 2014

This two day festival over the bank holiday weekend is set to fill the Hippodrome Square and Arcadian with a family-friendly programme of live entertainment and serious fun. Circus performers and dancer will gather to show off their skills, while street theatre performances take place across both days. Highlights of the 2015 edition include 'Tangle' which invites families to take part in a large scale weaving of elastic strands, evolving over the day to form a giant web of colour. Acrobatic theatre company Mimbre will also be in attendance performing 'Bench' which sees a specially built seat used as the setting for multiple stories to be told. Moving effortlessly over the bench using dance and gymnastics, performers depict it as a place of both loneliness and happiness, and a comforting place for characters to gather. Find the full festival lineup here. 


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