Altered States with Just Jack


Just Jack host a unique event at Arnolfini on Sunday April 4, closing down RBMA's weekend of events in Bristol in style.

We've read the press release several times, but we're still not sure what they're on about when they say things like:

"Royal Society Research Fellow, Dr. David Glowacki, and his team of experts in Danceroom Spectroscopy will provide a large scale, interactive molecular dynamics experience, using 3D video technology alongside a custom-built supercomputer to interpret the emotional and spiritual energy fields hidden within the venue. The audience will use their energy fields to steer a rigorous molecular physics simulation, and generate visualisations and soundscapes in real-time."

It sounds extremely pretentious, but this being Just Jack, we're pretty sure there's a banging party hidden in there somewhere. The line-up supports this presumption, with Germany's DJ Koze, Italo Johnson, Tom Rio, Dan Wild, Robin Shure and Jethro Binns all set to play.