Fear and Loathing NYE

fear and loathing in las vegas, johnny depp

Enjoy a weird, wonderful and immersive New Year's Eve at Trinity.

Along with midnight fireworks, confetti, pyrotechnics, Co2, dancers and performers, on the lineup you'll find 'eight headed ska, hip hop and dub monster' Babyhead, Tremor's Ed Solo and Darrison, a special guest (yet to be announced), plus support from Jinx in Dub ft. Parly B, C@ in the H@ ft. Mr FX, Dephicit and Summer Bright, Mr Tea and the Minions, Shambolique, Howla, The Phunk Junkies, Matt Ma G, Hookline and Sinker, Offbeat, Rippleton, Stitch and D.I.B. 

They'll be sprawling out over an indoor and outdoor stage, together creating one big night of debauchery. And to look the part, 'Fear and Loathing' fancy dress highly encouraged.

By: Jess Hardiman


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