Run Summer Special Part 2

Roni Size

Pure unadulterated D&B pressure at Motion on Bank Holiday Saturday, as Run invite some of the genre's biggest and most legendary names down for a special outdoor daytime bash. 

Bristolian jungle royalty Roni Size and Krust reunite for a very rare back-to-back Full Cycle classics set, joined by arguably D&B's greatest producer this side of the Millennium - Calibre.

Backing that is a Critical Soundsystem showcase, featuring label boss Kasra, new talent Emporer and local dreamboats Sam Binga & Redders, as well as sets from Run residents D*Minds and Shogun Audio duo Technimatic. On-mic support comes from DRS, Jakes and Tonn Piper.

As this is a daytime event, expect outdoor bars, street food and even cocktails on sale throughout the day, too.


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