Krishna's Inn

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4 out of 5 stars
Krishna's Inn
Sal Maxuda

Southern Indian food with a raft of vegetarian options, just off the Triangle

Not your average Indian restaurant, Krishna’s Inn specialises in Keralan food from the south of India. Dishes from other parts of India are available on the menu, but you'd be wise to follow their roots and sample the authentic flavours of the south. Don’t be shy either, the selection of vegetable dishes is unrivalled, so order a few and dig in and share.

The spicing is delicate and mild, letting the key ingredients do the talking, while coconut plays a lead role in many of the dishes. Ever had an Indian beetroot curry? Krishna’s is the place to try it. If you don’t fancy curry, you could always try one of their enormous dosa pancakes. Made using rice, lentils and spices, these pancakes are stuffed with the filling of your choice, which includes meat or fish options as well as vegetarian, all served with a lentil curry and chutney.

While the restaurant itself might not be particularly modern, the staff are welcoming and so is the atmosphere. Takeaway and home delivery are available if you don't fancy eating in.

By: Rebbeca Sargent


Venue name: Krishna's Inn
Address: 4 Byron Place
Opening hours: Daily noon-3pm, 6-11pm (till midnight on Fri-Sat)
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