Bristol Bad Film Club: Dangerous Men

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Bristol Bad Film Club: Dangerous Men

From the studio that discovered 'Miami Connection' and 'Roar' comes an action flick that was 26 years in the making...

'Dangerous Men' started life in 1979 after John S. Rad moved to the USA to shoot his dream project, set to be filled with crime, revenge, cop sex and raw power. However, it wasn't until 26 years later that the project was created - and even then we're not entirely sure the world was ready.

The film follows Mina, a woman who goes a killing spree of revenge after her fiance is brutally murdered by beach thugs. With a renegade cop not far behind her, she murders half the men of the city to get to the subhuman criminal overlord known only as, er, Black Pepper.

Yup, it's another classic from Bristol Bad Film Club.

By: Jess Hardiman


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