Bristol Bad Film Club: Santa Claus Vs The Devil

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Still from Santa Claus Vs The Devil

A festive dose of so-bad-it's-good from Bristol Bad Film Club.

Known in some countries just as 'Santa Claus', 'Santa Claus Vs. The Devil' is a dubbed Mexican Christmas film from 1959, which sees Santa living in outer space with Merlin, a bunch of racially stereotyped kids and lots of hi-tech machines, complete with an evil antogonist in the form of The Devil.

The film is one of many that US producer K. Gordon Murray was behind in the 50s, as he purchased, redubbed and rereleased foreign fairy tales for American audiences - with others including 'Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters', 'The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy' and 'Samson Vs. The Vampire Women'.

By: Jess Hardiman


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