Cannoli and Gun: Bad Santa

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An alternative festive pairing of film and food from Cannoli and Gun.

Get into the alternative Christmas spirit with this screening of 'Bad Santa', where the saccharine sentiments of a usual festive film are cast aside in favour of a fantastic black comedy.

Starring Billy Bob Thornton as the titular anti-hero, 'Bad Santa' tells the story of Willie, a crook who finds employment playing Santa at shopping malls each year, only to later rob them. However, things change when he meets a lonely, overweight and well-meaning boy who lives with his senile grandmother - both of which keep offering to fix Willie a sandwich, much to his frustration - who somehow manage to see past his foul-mouthed, alcholic and womanising antics.

Foodwise, Salt Cafe will be on board to fix you some sandwiches, with a choice of salt beef, gherkins, and mustard mayo, or halloumi, harissa, and roast veg.

By: Jess Hardiman


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