Stranger Than LOVE: Late Night Double Bill

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Night on Earth

Watershed team up with RISE for a night of alt romantic cinema.

Sometimes love isn't all about holding a boombox in the air or swinging by hers in a white limo holding a bunch of flowers; sometimes it's a little gnarlier. Proving precisely this, the BFI Love season explores all sides of love - the good, the bad and the unconventional - and as part of the programming, this November sees a double bill of films by Jim Jarmusch.

Known for breaking away from the conventions of traditional Hollywood filmmaking, Jarmusch has become one of America's favourite independent film directors. To celebrate both Jarmusch and his alternative means of depicting love, Watershed is screening two of his earlier gems, 'Mystery Train' and 'Night On Earth', which together will reveal more about the complexities of human relationships, those awkward early stages and the strange nature of the way we interact.

In the break, Rise will spinning tunes in the cafe/bar.

By: Jess Hardiman