World Naked Bike Ride

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world naked bike ride

Head to the Full Moon on Stokes Croft on Saturday 27 June and join the Bristol leg of the increasingly popular World Naked Bike Ride for a four-mile cycle round town - with or without your clothes on.

Much more than just an excuse for a load of hippies to strip off, cover themselves in body paint and galavant across the city on their transportation method of choice, the WNBR has a serious message of protest beneath its seemingly frivolous, very well exposed exterior.

Described by organisers as a "peaceful, powerful demonstration against car culture and oil-dependency", in a city as traffic-jammed as Bristol, it's easy to see what they and the huge numbers of participants at WNBR events round the world are getting at.

There's no need to get completely naked (although be prepared to see plenty of flesh on display) - the motto for these events is 'as bare as you dare', so you'll be welcome to join however much (or little) you chose to wear.

The ride starts at 2pm, but participants are invited to meet at 1pm in the courtyard of the Full Moon, where you can strip off, paint up your body, buy flags and banners, and prepare to feel the wind in your body hair on the four-mile ride.



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