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Otkert Club - Budapest - Hungary
Photograph: Piltner Peter

The 11 very best Budapest nightlife spots

Europe's new party capital? These are the best nightlife spots in Budapest, from ruin bars to outdoor spa after parties

Edited by
Ella Doyle
Written by
Georgina Lawton
Ed Cunningham

Budapest does a lot of things really well. Its restaurants are tasty. Its transport is efficient. Its attractions are cheap. Its architecture is second to none. But if we had to choose, we just might go as far as to say it does one thing better than anything else – and that’s nightlife. However you like to spend your evenings (and your early mornings), there’s something for you in Budapest. 

Of course, first, there’s the ruin bars. Budapest’s pride and joy. Old, unused derelict buildings, turned into two-story bars and clubs, full of secondhand mismatched furniture and many, many beers. But there’s also a ton of great rooftop bars, terraces and clubs that stay open until 6am. And if you’re feeling wild, you’ve got to check out a spa bath after party too. Here’s the best of Budapest’s nightlife. 

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Where to party in Budapest

Szimpla Kert
Photograph: Szollosi Matyas

1. Szimpla Kert

What is it? It’s not a nightlife list without Szimpla Kert. This is the ruin bar that started it all, born out of a derelict building in 2002 and becoming Budapest’s most famous night out. The bar serves over 400 different drinks over two floors and a courtyard, which is adorned with random vintage furniture, a lot of which was found on the side of the street. 

Why go? This is the coolest spot in the Jewish Quarter, Budapest’s party capital, and there’s events every night of the week, from live music to food markets on Sundays. Whether you want to pitch up in a converted bathtub, sip on craft beer in an open-top car or simply dance the night away, this is the place. A must see. 

Ötkert Club
Photograph: Piltner Peter

2. Ötkert Club

What is it? This central spot offers a slightly more polished clubbing experience than its edgier counterparts. Ötkert’s magic takes place in an impressive, restored 19th-century building.

Why go? On most summer nights, Ötkert boasts five DJs playing a mix of commercial music, R&B and hip hop across two rooms. They also have a large terrace which is utterly perfect in July and August. If you’re here in winter, don’t worry – it comes equipped with outdoor heating for colder nights.

360 Bar

3. 360 Bar

What is it? This rooftop bar offers 360-degree views over the capital, a lengthy wine and cocktail list, and an array of excellent snacks and small plates.

Why go? When you want a taste of the high life, there’s no better spot for lip-smacking drinks with a breathtaking view guaranteed to distract you from your companions. If you fancy sunset drinks, be sure to reserve a table beforehand or check the Facebook page for the full programme of summer events, which include ‘Yoga Brunch’ and a series of day parties. 


4. Instant

What is it? Now in the same building as veteran club Fogas Ház, Instant is still the biggest ruin bar in Budapest, with two courtyards and eight bars, all of which stay open until 6am, seven nights a week.

Why go? For a mesmerising, dreamlike experience combining live music in the early evening with raving to follow, you should really head to Instant. If you’re not impressed by the sheer scale of the place, you’re sure to be enchanted by the eclectic artwork and weird canopy of hanging sculptures.


5. Boutiq’Bar

What is it? A highly atmospheric red-walled underground cocktail bar, that dubs itself a ‘neo-speakeasy’.

Why go? For the mad cocktails that come in science lab beakers, plastic smoothie cups and old honey pots, with an even more delightful array of accoutrements. For a real showstopper, order one of the tiki rum cocktails, served in Easter Island-style moai

Mazel Tov

6. Mazel Tov

What is it? Mazel Tov is stylish, spacious – and already a staple of Budapest’s burgeoning nightlife scene. It’s a giant courtyard-cum-cultural space, lined with lush trees and plants, draped in twinkling lights and topped with a glass roof. Tucked away in the lively Jewish District (known as the 7th District), this cavernous space is Insta-friendly and most definitely worth the hype.

Why go? As well as being a great place for evening drinks (the cocktail and pálinka brandy list is impressive), Mazel Tov is also equal parts garden party and gastronomic destination. Head here for Mediterranean-Hungarian fusion plates, and you won’t be disappointed (their shawarma sandwich is a winner). Booking – even on weekdays – is highly recommended.

Gozsdu Passage

7. Gozsdu Passage

What is it? Budapest’s party vortex is Gozsdu Passage, a tunnel of buzzing bars and restaurants draped in fairy lights, with open-air spaces that spill out into airy courtyards and gardens, right in the centre of the trendy 7th District. 

Why go? Start or end your night here. You’ll be spoilt for choice with karaoke and cocktails bars aplenty, touristy pubs and edgy cafes, and the area is a popular choice for both locals and visitors. There is a decent choice of places to eat, so make sure to rock up in the early evening and then while away the night. 

Szechenyi Spa Baths
Photograph: Shutterstock

8. Szechenyi Spa Baths

What is it? Szechenyi Baths are so much more than a decadent location in which to slot in some sauna time – they’re also home to one of the city’s most raucous night-time events, the Sparty. Think of a full-on rave in a thermal spa. And that means pumping house music, pricey cocktails and an anything-goes atmosphere.

Why go? When else will you get to party in the spectacular setting of a 20th-century Turkish bathhouse? This one’s not for the faint of heart, but you’ll be surrounded by plenty of other tourists and be able to swim/dance the night away in a giant pool illuminated by lasers and flashing lights. All-male stag parties are not welcome, and security is on-hand all through the night to create a safe environment.


9. Racskert

What is it? A former car park converted into a relaxed ruin bar with graffiti-covered walls and something of a festival vibe.

Why go? Racskert is a local’s favourite, and with cheap beer, vegan snacks, a plant-lined garden and a regular programme of live folk music, it’s really no wonder. As with most ruin bars, you won’t find anyone taking reservations or bookings, and it’s a come-as-you-are vibe.

Fogas Ház

10. Fogas Ház

What is it? One of the pioneers of the ruin bar, this clubbing monster continues to offer something for everyone.

Why go? You’ll probably get lost in this colourful maze-like institution, but that’s obviously part of the fun. Fogas Ház is a part-bar, part-cultural centre and comprises an open-air dance floor, a thrift shop, a cocktail bar with a terrace, a ping-pong area and a pizzeria. Boredom isn’t really an option here.


What is it?

An arty locals’ favourite, platforming everything from experimental dance music to literary events.

Why go?

If you’re looking for a night out but don’t want the claustrophobic chaos or heavy EDM of a club or ruin bar, Gödör might be your best bet. Offering everything from ska and jazz to techno and electro, this spot is beloved by locals – and for good reason.   

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