1. Guimas
    Francisco Romão Pereira
  2. Guimas
    Francisco Romão Pereira
  3. Guimas
    Francisco Romão PereiraDomingas Mascarenhas
  4. Guimas
    Francisco Romão PereiraO pudim Guimas
  5. Guimas
    Francisco Romão PereiraO filé bêbado
  6. Guimas
    Francisco Romão PereiraA moqueca
  7. Guimas
    Francisco Romão PereiraChico Mascarenhas homenageado numa das paredes
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4 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

It opened in Rio de Janeiro in 1981, by a Portuguese man, and arrived in Cascais in 2023, thanks to his daughter. The elegant space is practically the same as in Brazil and serves the great classics from the original menu: fish moqueca, shrimp and squid; the drunken steak; the farm duck; various loins; shrimp pastries or brie cheese. With a strong connection to the arts (which is reflected on the walls), Guimas has a strong identity and a relaxed pub spirit.


Rua Freitas Reis, 24, Cascais
Opening hours:
Wed-Fri 17.00pm-00.00am; Sat 12.00am-00.00am; Sun12.00am-18.00pm
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